Get dolled up in your nifty glam rags and head to the juice joint for some fun!



Our silk Flapper Dresses are sure to make you the Cat’s Meow.

These hand beaded dresses are the Real McCoy made from 100% silk with beaded fringe at the hem.






Short on clams? Run out of mazuma? Not bringing in enough simoleans? Low on dough? Then take a gander at these budget friendly, but no less glamorous, Flapper Dresses.









Every Doll needs to have the perfect “do” before she can be seen out on the town with her swell fella. Don’t have the time to coif those locks in perfect waves? Then try one of our pre-styled wigs.



Lack of accessories got you feeling like a real rag-a-muffin? Then Ritz it up with one of our feather or beaded headbands.


On the level these great Flapper Dresses and accessories won’t last forever, so get them before they skedaddle.