004183_01Fingerless Knit Gloves – I had just about given up on finding a reliable online store that sells good, quality fingerless knit gloves, after having seen countless postings elsewhere with customers complaining about fraying gloves or too-tight fittings. But lo, when I happened to be perusing this site for character costume reference (which, by the way, you guys are a FANTASTIC source of costume ref, especially for good, realistic steampunk costumes), I came across these gloves. Though the price at first seemed a bit high for fingerless gloves, I figured my only other option was to drive two hours away to the nearest mall and hope against hope, and I had some commission money to spare, so I went for it. <br>Boy howdy, am I glad I did! These gloves fit absolutely perfectly on my somewhat small lady fingers (your suggestion of Medium sizing for ladies is spot on!). They are nice and toasty while not being overly hot thanks to the bit of looseness in the palms, and have just the right amount of grip around the fingers without cutting off circulation. The shipping was also remarkably fast, arriving precisely as advertised. I absolutely adore these gloves, and this store! {Nostalgia-chan, Beaufort SC}



Wool Frock Coat – I had tried using an inferior version of this coat from a competing vendor and was dissatisfied at every turn.  From the silver buttons to the full lining, this product is superior in every way.  The weight of the woollen goods is sufficient to provide a modicum of warmth on cool fall mornings but not so heavy as to cause one to perspire in the afternoons when the sun has been up for a good number of hours, even after walking for some time.  The cut is full enough to provide coverage for the handgun a gentleman normally wears during the day but not so bulky as to make it difficult to deal with when sitting down or mounting to the saddle.  The buttons are firmly fixed with a good weight of thread and a generous number of stitches and they resist pulling off even when snagged on the Martingale or other part of tack.  All in all, I expect this garment to provide me with many years of service and am happy to offer it my endorsement.  {Doctor Bill, Denver, CO}

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