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Double Clip-On Magnifying Loupy - Silver Tone

Item: 002623


Upgrade your eyewear with our magnifying loupy! Spring loaded clip holds loupy firmly to temple of almost any pair of eyeglasses. Two independent 3X magnifying lenses are mounted on spring-loaded, adjustable tension swivels, and sure to stay where you put them.

Available in different varieties.

Silver tone, imported. Pictured here with our Victorian Spectacles, sold separately.

Usage note: spring loaded clip can be used on the temple of your glasses, or if the frame is too thin for a good grip, we recommend clipping the loupy onto the hinge.

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Reviews of this Product

Average Rating: 4.38/5.00 stars from 16 reviews

ex-o lenti!
got here quick .and work so well awesome design and fit my glasses perfectly so very adjustable
Jul 21, 2016
Roystorm Hayotis
Eureka ca
This is great for real use, and for costume. It works for when I need to view fine print! And it looks good besides!
Jul 30, 2015
Colonel Steam
Las Vegas NV
Very cool but heavy.
These clipped onto my glasses very easily. I got lots of complements (or at least surprised, interested looks and comments). However, I found these clip-on lenses were a little heavy for my particular glasses. My glasses didn't want to sit straight. Also, because my glass frames are thin metal, the clip-on would rotate slowly during wearing. I believe that a heavier frame, with thicker, flatter surfaces, would hold it more securely.
Apr 8, 2015
Dave Lennert
Portland OR
Very nifty!
I really like this item! great for my steampunk attire. However, they don't fit very well on my glasses because of their design (the glasses, not the magnifiers)
Jan 10, 2015
One man's loss is another woman's gain
I bought this product in the hope that I could use it to clip on my sunglasses and flip one lens down to use for reading at my outdoor job without taking my shades off. Alas, the focus distance became about two inches, so as I feared, it didn't work for that. However, my wife is painting and detailing a series of birdhouses, and it is just perfect for the close and tiny, so while it didn't meet the original need, it fills another that we weren't even aware of. It stays put on the glasses, and the lenses stay where you put them. The spring in the glasses clip could be a little stronger, as if you bump it with a brush handle or the back of your hand, it pops right off, but that's a small complaint. A good, functional product, and I'm glad I bought it.
May 23, 2014
El Cajon CA
Very Useful
I ordered this loupy to complete my Halloween costume. Imagine my surprise when I discovered it actually works. I have been using it to do some detail sewing. Excellent!
Oct 11, 2013
Butler PA
Very cool, but not perfect
The magnifying loupy is very cool both aesthetically and functionally, but the clip-on mechanism is a bit of a pain. It works all right, but is less than versatile; when used on my own glasses, it barely holds onto the thick frame, and when used on the Common Spectacles from this site, it flatout can't get a grip because the frame is too thin. The clip will require further modification to be wearable in any practical sense. However, the functionality of the lenses themselves, as well as their mechanism, is just dandy.
Feb 15, 2013
Columbia MO
Great Product
I was amazed at the fast shipping. To ship to New York it took only 3 days! I love the magnifier. Its so fun to wear. The only problem is that the lenses sometimes slip down and the nut has to be re tightened. Other than that, I see no faults with these. Now I need to buy some nice goggles. :)
Nov 6, 2012
Great idea though implementation is tough. Parts are small and may fall off, also in general heavier than expected and clip does not seem to reliably hold on. Still as one of their side products the loops are great flair an for the price worth a little bit of extra work to use.
Oct 18, 2012
Ocular Man
Nice piece. Sometimes lenses loosen and fall, but, that's to be expected at this price.
Aug 24, 2012

I can see clearly now
Since I actually wear "spectacles", I couldn't enhance my costume with a monocle or what have you, so I went with these instead. They give my image that extra little something and they actually work as well! (Like when I need to read the fine print on the pocket sundial I also got here.) The adjustable tension keeps them up out of the way until you're ready to use them. And you can't beat the price!
May 11, 2012
Napa Ca
Loved this item. I really want to keep it on my glasses full-time. It's certainly a conversation starter.
Nov 1, 2011

Well made, looks great!
I bought this for my husband's Steampunk ensemble. He isn't one to get very excited about things, but immediately put these on his glasses and wore them around. He loves them! They do add some weight to your glasses, but you get used to it. Well made, and even useful! We're very pleased!
Oct 20, 2011
Harleysville PA
Great Loupe, Highly recommended
This was a wonderful purchase. I enjoy the loupes very much and they are great, easy to set to your specifications. Just make sure you have glasses that it can fit on properly. lol.
Jan 18, 2011
Mike T.
Near New York Ne
Nice looking, unless you're looking through them
These lovely, well-made little lenses clipped on to my existing frames with ease. I would have enjoyed a way to tighten the clamp a bit, or adjust the tension of the lenses to better fix them in one place without succumbing to the forces of gravity.I noticed that if I had intended to use them as a supplemental magnifier to my regular lenses, I would have been sore pressed to see anything at a distance greater than one-half inch from my eye. Granted, I purchased these as an affectation and I never intended to use them as a magnifying device. Perhaps my inability to see out of them is the result of my poor eyesight for which I require spectacles in the first place.In any case, I received enquiries as to where I had purchased my "great specs" and was happy to direct others to the Historial Emporium.
Nov 2, 2010
Fort Worth Te

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