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Fez - Burgundy Wool Felt


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Holy smokes, our Red Fez is a fabulous addition to your Victorian wardrobe. Gentlemen from the late 1800s found it fashionable to adopt this type of centuries-old Greek and more modern Turkish headwear while lounging at home or a resort. The practice of donning a fez along with perhaps a smoking jacket or tunic during Victorian times was called wearing ‘mufti,’ loosely translated in Arabic as ‘regular clothes. It was a popular practice among British Army Officers.

This particular fez is fashioned from soft 100-percent wool felt with a flexible body for comfortable fit. Measures 6 in. high and the slightly conical shape flares to 7.5 in diameter at the base. Wear unadorned or modify as you see fit with tassels, trim and other embellishments.

Imported. Unlined. One size fits most up to men's XL/7.5 hats.

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Product Reviews  

Reviews of this Product

Average Rating: 4.92/5.00 stars from 37 reviews

Everything a casual-wear fez should be...and also perfect for more dressy occasions, very presentable whatever the occasion. If the Ottoman Empire revives I am ready...and you can be too! High-grade felt and classic shape, color is grand and subtly majestic. The price is very low for this fine headgear!
Mar 7, 2019
Portland OR
Fez hat
The fez is wonderful. The product is made of quality material. It is exactly what I wanted and needed. I will definitely recommend this company to anyone.
Feb 12, 2019
Judith Michener
Shawnee Ok
Ordinary is Cool
A very solidly built, ordinary fez. Its constructed from an adequately thick felt. I have no qualms with its construction, materials, or design. I was looking for a fez that was simple and modest and this fez is certainly an exemplar of these ideals. It can be worn forwards or backwards on the head- it simply does it all. Truly no one could find significant fault with this fez. I think the defining understated elegance of the weight of the felt is a standout experience. Verily, one would do well to adorn their cranium with such a form! This hat respects its neighbors and is polite to old folks. Just a classy, well mannered chapeau.
Dec 6, 2018
Emm Dee

Loving my fez
I received my fez last week and have enjoyed wearing around the house in the evenings. It has provoked comments from friends, and that was the point.
May 31, 2018
Sioux city Io
Now I can look just like Sydney Greenstreet in "Casablanca".
Dec 22, 2017
Medford MA
Fez - Burgundy Wool Felt
The fez was a big hit. My wife and I gifted it to a 15-year-old friend who is a Doctor Who fan. She actually went into a happy dance. The product is good quality and a great value. Thank you.
Dec 25, 2015
Alexandria Mi
Flat Fez
Fez arrived in good shape but is folded and oblong from the packaging
Nov 12, 2015
Traverse City Mi
Whooo-vian paradise!
My husband has been kidding about getting a fez for quite some time, but the ones I'd found so far were cheap trash costume type hats. This FEZ is the real deal! The quality and the fit are great and we are so pleased. Even the finish and the details are high quality and lovely felt feel. He's now taken to wearing it around the house and during Dr. Who fests. I would definitely buy this again and am thinking about buying another .....for me this time! thank you!
Oct 3, 2015
lubbock tx
Everything I Could Want
An excellent, high quality fez at a very responsible price. When I bought this my only intention was to use it as a leisure hat with maybe occasional dress use. This immediately become my defacto "around town" hat. I'm sure that I'll soon buy a few more; one for leisure wear, one for special occasions (especially locations or evenrs that a little near-East flair would fit well), mabye a couple more for general use, ;-) To any buying one, a few suggestions: 1) Don't always wear it with the "back" (side with the tag) to the back. Randomly rotate it 90° every so often. Because of the soft nature of the fez, the shape will warp some if resting against things. This will help undo that. 2) If you wear it tight and/or lower on the head, be prepared for the bottom to stretch and become a bit wider. It still fits fine and, most importantly, looks fine (the difference is hardly noticeable unless you are really looking for it), but if you want to keep the cone tight you may wish to keep this in mind. 3) If your first impulse (even before it arrives) is to start looking for a tassel or two to adorn the top (as was with me); truly consider not doing so. The nub on top is just about perfect by itself, I think. Give some thought before you tassel. As always with the Historical Emporium, this is a wonderful, high quality touch of history that is perfect for the modern world. I have never yet been disappointed with their products or service.
Oct 2, 2015
Walter A.
Morristown AZ
Fez - Burgundy Wool. Felt
This is a well made, if possible, understated Fez. The quality, fit, and feel of the wool is thick and sensual. This is not your cheap, costume Fez hat you see at a party supply store as side of or in a box store. However, this Fez stands a bit tall on the head, but the height does compensates for this fez not having a tacky tassel.
Jun 25, 2015
Dr. Plasczyk
New Orleans LA
Park Ranger
May 31, 2015

I received this lovely Fez well ahead of schedule and in excellent condition. It's a perfect addition to my cosplay and it is very well made. I highly recommend this store and this product :)
Apr 23, 2015
KeRi Cosplay

Lost my TARDIS
Shades of Casablanca and eastern mystery and style, and if you're a "Who-vian", you can't resist this fez.
Mar 19, 2015
Barney Clark
Little Rock Ar
Head Warm
I really like my Fez. I wear it in Man's Land to keep my head warm AND look like a boss at the same time. No complaints.
Mar 5, 2015
David S
Victoria BC
The fez was a gift. The gentleman recipient was thrilled with it including color and fit. Perfect!
Jun 21, 2014
Red Cliffs Vi

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