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Polar Expedition Slit View Goggles

Item: 004501


Look good! See well!

Our Polar Expedition goggles are a reproduction of early military style goggles, but based on a simple principle used by Inuits for centuries.

Ingenious arrangement of slits allows viewing horizontal, vertical and diagonal angles, but are very effective at blocking glare, dust and drifting snow without lenses.

Simple yet effective prevention for snowblindness as well as an instant conversation starter.

Very limited peripheral vision, so not recommended for use while motoring, downhill skiing, or other high speed pursuits. However, the side benefit of obscuring your eyes from view may come in handy during a round of whist.

Imported. No lens, adjustable elastic strap.

These are NOT intended as (nor built to be) safety goggles so please use them properly.

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Fantastic deal! Just like the ones Till...
Fantastic deal! Just like the ones Till Lindemann from RAMMSTEIN wears! The goggles are aluminum with soft rubber eye cups and a fairly cheap elastic band that could be replaced with any other band of your choice. Very lightweight but high quality especially for the price. Used these for a gothic Halloween "costume". I might even try to use them while snowboarding in a blizzard to see how well they will work, I am confident they will work and turn all the heads!
Aug 10, 2017
Jeff B

Poor Quality
Guess I was looking for something that wasn't going to happen. I wanted a quality product rather than a cheap imitation.
Sep 11, 2016

Practical and interesting
These a very cool looking, all my friends love them. Vision is surprisingly good while wearing them. Seem sturdy enough to be used while hiking in the winter, but I wouldn't recommend putting them at the bottom of your pack simply because they are aluminum and can crush with enough force. My only gripe is that the socket padding is rubber and not leather, but other than that, these fit my needs and are worth the money.
Mar 28, 2016
Steven B

The slit-view goggles are literally a prehistoric classic; and they are as effective now as they had been, way back then! People living in the North-Country, Inuit as well as Sami, and even many European mountaineers, have used wood and bone slit-view goggles they carved by hand for hundreds of years. Even when tinted-glass snow-and glacier-goggles came available, many "old snow-country hands" still opted for tried-and-true slit-view goggles because it's impossible for them to fog- or frost-up. These are still handy for cross-country skiers and hikers, though the limited range of vision means people shouldn't wear them when doing anything that requires split-second responses. NEVER wear 'em when down-hill skiing, or operating a car, truck or snow-machine; it's not safe! Because I bought my set to wear when hiking across sunlit snowfields, (and I do lots of this, every winter!) I replaced the original elastic headband with one twice as long, so I could wear it over my bulky capote (blanket-coat) hood. For general use by most people, though, the original elastic should be fine! As a prop for a Steampunk or turn-of-the-century-explorer persona, the slit-view goggles are great; they could even be pressed into service for a sci-fi venue, such as reprising the STAR TREK "Wrath of Khan" event, after a stellar incident ruined Seti Alpha IVs climate and forcing survivors to cope with violent storms.
Jan 30, 2015
Cincinnati Oh
Polar Goggles
Fits comfortably.
Mar 18, 2014
Shayron Jefferson
Blackstone Vi

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