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Top Rated Keychains

At Historical Emporium, we have been selling authentic period clothing since 2003, with thousands of satisfied customers around the world.

We have sold hundreds of keychains, and we listen closely to customer feedback to make sure we're delivering on the promise of unique, authentic clothing, world class service, and great prices.

We survey every customer to gauge their opinion of the products they bought, and put together this list of the top-ranked keychains in our store.

Shop with confidence, knowing that these terrific keychains have been tested and endorsed by our other customers, and that you will receive five star service along with a great value!


#1 Rated Keychain
Brass Sextant Keychain

 Victorian Steampunk Brassy Bling Brass Keychains |Antique Vintage Old Fashioned Wedding Theatrical Reenacting Costume | Bits

ITEM 002467




Reviews of this Product

Average Rating: 4.00/5.00 stars from 10 reviews

Just the ticket
This is going to be so cool once I get it mounted on my Steampunk themed motorcycle I am building. Just needed some bling to step up the game.
Feb 22, 2018
Needs instructions.
I bought this as a piece to add to my Halloween costume this year - a post-apocalyptic steampunk treasure hunter / Cthulhu cultist. However, I don't know how to use a sextant, so I'm unsure if it is actually a working piece or not. And, since instructions did not come with it, I still don't know.
Oct 28, 2016
Huntsville Al
I needed something for my Steampunk Astronomer. The other sextants I found were too big and heavy. This is the perfect size for a character that wants this on hand but won't be reaching for it all the time. The parts are a bit stiff but still moveable. Good size though, noticeable but not overwhelming.
Jul 8, 2016

Average quality
Links needed tightening and some of the moving parts are difficult to move. It does serve its purpose well, though, which is to look awesome hanging from my belt. I do not regret the purchase.
Nov 8, 2013

Ideal but small
This keychain is ideal and authentic looking, but a little smaller than expected. It looks great hooked onto my utility belt. Canadians pay HST on pick up (Canada Post won't deliver if money is owed).
Sep 29, 2013
Toronto On
brass sextant
Wonderful little trinket. It will go great with my other steampunk accessories.
Aug 24, 2013
Rusty Kogburn
Midway GA
Cute little keychain
I bought this keychain for my boyfrind. It was just meant to be a trinket, and is definately worth it's price as that. As is stated, it is not meant to be a real sextant, and the mirrors weren't the best quality, but they're so tiny, it's barely notaceable. I thought it was absolutely adorable though, and am tempted to buy one for myself. :)
Dec 27, 2011
Portland OR
Cute replica prop
For the price you can't really complain. It isn't functional, and the telescope and mirrors were facing the wrong directions, but with a little screwdriver was able to remedy it. Very nice addition to a mini top hat. Though I think this keychain is hanging it upside down?
Oct 27, 2011
Road Warrior...
Fullerton CA
Beautiful little sextant, classy keychain. Mine's a bit "sticky" on the slide, but not too badly.
Oct 20, 2011
A non-functioning prop
It looks the part, but isn't actually a functioning sextant - the horizon glass is just a small mirror.
Sep 1, 2011
Newcastle Au


#2 Rated Keychain
Brass Skeleton Key Set

 Victorian Old West Steampunk Brassy Bling Brass Keychains |Antique Vintage Fashioned Wedding Theatrical Reenacting Costume | Gifts Bits for Him Her Stocking Stuffers

ITEM 002983




Reviews of this Product

Average Rating: 4.83/5.00 stars from 12 reviews

Great accessory.....
Sep 4, 2017
Paramus NJ
This is perfect, especially for use with my Santa suit - my "magic Keys" to open any door . . .LOL. Love it.
Aug 26, 2017
Alan Sider
Dawson City Yu
Love those keys
Great product
Nov 5, 2015
Ron H
Wise VA
brass skeleton keys
Aug 8, 2015
Bob Kederes

Pretty Cool!
The keys are really cool but they are "larger than life" and 2x as large as real skeleton keys. These would be great for a theatrical prop (where smaller skeleton keys may be difficult for the audience to see) but they were too big for my costume so I went to the antique store and picked up some vintage keys. However, the Brass Skeleton Key Set is so cool looking that I kept them and will use them another time!
Jul 16, 2013
Temecula CA
brass skeleton key set
Very large keys on keyring are an excellent visual effect and are perfect for my daughter's costume.
Jun 14, 2013

Brass Skeleton Keys
These keys were purchased to attach to a Steampunk utility belt. They are a bit larger than expected, and are quite sturdy. Meets our expectations ... we are pleased with the item.
May 28, 2013
Very Good
These Skeleton Keys are just what I needed for my Western decor
Oct 11, 2012

Brass Skeleton Key Set
A Bold Decorative Statement! Large and impressive.
May 11, 2012
Fairfield CT
love these!!!
Apr 16, 2012

Much bigger and heavier than I thought, wonderful set and photographs well!
Feb 24, 2012
M Paris

Excellent quality!
This key set is great. It doesn't have a purpose other than decoration or a prop for a costume, but it is made very well. The keys look and feel realistic, and they are easy to slide on and off the ring. Attaching these to your belt might weigh them down, so make sure your belt is secure to avoid any indecent exposure
Sep 1, 2011
New York NY


#3 Rated Keychain
Miniature Brass Telescope

 Victorian Brassy Bling Brass Telescopes Keychains |Antique Vintage Old Fashioned Wedding Theatrical Reenacting Costume | Gifts for Him Her Stocking Stuffers

ITEM 002466




Reviews of this Product

Average Rating: 4.25/5.00 stars from 16 reviews

Sharp looking accessory
Sharp looking piece. Collapses into the largest section, to be more compact. Don't expect it to be real "functional" (doesn't magnify much) but looked fabulous hanging from a brass chain (not included) from my Steampunk "utility belt"!
Jun 17, 2015
Tucson Ar
Cute Acessory
This item is a cute accessory to have hanging from your steampunk attire. Not very functional so more of a cosmetic piece.
Nov 24, 2014
Charlotte No
this is a really cute little item and added a great touch to the outfit.
Mar 21, 2014
Mississauga On
Smallest telescope ever! This product is great fun - it does actually work as a telescope, looks cool, and is as described.
Nov 1, 2013
Mini Telescope
Bought this item to attach to my husband's Steampunk utility belt, but I misread the description. The telescope is too small to serve the purpose that it was purchased for, however, it is a pretty little item. I have used it as an interesting part of his hat decoration instead of the purpose we intended.
May 28, 2013
love it
The items we ordered were here very quickly and very affordable. They look like the real thing, and we will be shopping at the store again
Dec 15, 2012
LaVonne Puha
Lahaina Ha
sticks when trying to extend
May 25, 2012

Mini telescope
This is a fun pocket piece! It is solid brass and does magnify slightly. But it is not for any real use. This is a fun piece to pull out to accent a joke or amuse friends with. So it's exactly as advertised and is fine for what it is meant to be... just don't expect more than you are paying for.
Feb 24, 2012
Bruce Giard
Rye Ne
this was a huge hit for my brother for his christmas gift he spent all day spying on people from across the room. it works well and is very sturdy. I am very happy with it and so is my brother :)
Jan 5, 2012
Too Little
It Works but it.' s too small for me.
Oct 31, 2011
Old hatchet

Utterly, utterly beautiful little telescope.I've already added it to my chatelaine and had to fight off some other steampunks who want it.
Oct 20, 2011
Good workmanship in miniature
Low magnification - probably inevitable, given its size - but otherwise a perfectly functional, miniature telescope, very well made in solid brass with no cheap synthetic materials.
Sep 1, 2011
Newcastle Au
long on looks
The info is right about 2X magnification. I used this as a costume piece and it worked great. It is a handsome bit of brass, and does the job on what it can reach.
Jan 19, 2011
I'm brassy! Gotta love me!
This is a great addition to my pocket full of brassy bits. I haven't even tested the functionality but it's perfect for my Doctor Who outfit since he seems to be able to produce a rather large telescope at any given time. In costume, I'll pull out my big one and my accomplice with make off with it. Then I pull this from my pocket and hold it delicately like a sissy with my pinky up.
Dec 9, 2010
Central Florida
fun wee toy
great as a small gift, or mounted on a prediod model revolver as an ranging odd site :-)
Jun 29, 2010
Wellington Ne


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