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Top Rated Monocles

At Historical Emporium, we have been selling authentic period clothing since 2003, with thousands of satisfied customers around the world.

We have sold hundreds of monocles, and we listen closely to customer feedback to make sure we're delivering on the promise of unique, authentic clothing, world class service, and great prices.

We survey every customer to gauge their opinion of the products they bought, and put together this list of the top-ranked monocles in our store.

Shop with confidence, knowing that these terrific monocles have been tested and endorsed by our other customers, and that you will receive five star service along with a great value!


#1 Rated Monocle
Distinguished Gent Theatrical Monocle - Silver Tone

 Victorian Steampunk Eyewear Silver Clear Alloy Plastic Monocles |Antique Vintage Old Fashioned Wedding Theatrical Reenacting Costume | Gifts Brassy Bits Stocking Stuffers for Him

ITEM 002550




Reviews of this Product

Average Rating: 4.22/5.00 stars from 40 reviews

DG monocle
Good prop
Apr 30, 2020
Littlestown Pe
Very Large
Nice piece but it is too big to fit my face.
Jan 16, 2019
Houston Tx
Wore to wedding
I wore this to my wedding. i actually need one contact so it was a huge hit for me to finally get and wear my monocle. Thank you for assisting in my special day.
Nov 17, 2017

I'm an average male, 185 lbs. and 5'10. This monocle is too big to hold on my face and I have tried every possible way to wear it.
Feb 4, 2016
Dirk Disco
Tampa FL
Not Plastic = Great Quality
Real glass lense, metal frame and leather strap. I love it.
Sep 18, 2015
Largo FL
string is way too short
the string is way too short, otherwise it is fine
May 7, 2015

High quality but one size does not fit all
This is a great monocle and very modestly priced. The craftsmanship is high quality. Unfortunately, I can't wear it. If I "make" it fit my eye socket I can't blink. It would be great if the gallery were deeper so that it would sit in the eye socket while keeping the lens proud of the lashes. I would definitely buy it again. I just wish I could wear it.
Apr 14, 2014
Todd N
Roanoke VA
distinguished gent theatrial monocle
Mar 3, 2014
littleton co
The monocle was precisely as described, and my son loves it. Thank you.
Jun 14, 2013
Nikki Howard
Bigger than expected
Nice quality, super fun. Needs a different string (or very light weight chain), the one it came on is just a bit too heavy/stiff. It was too big for my (small female) face, but fit hubby's face just fine.
May 28, 2013
Didn't Work Out
I ignored the other reviews which stated that this monocle was overly big and difficult to wear. It turned out they were right. Also, one of the little metal arms fell off. Kind of a waste of money.
Feb 11, 2013
I was truly impressed with the speed, accuracy and quality of the product and process. In fact, I mistakenly chose the wrong version and was able to correct it with a "live" person after the order was submitted.
Jan 18, 2013

5 Star Seal of Approval
Jan 10, 2013
Jay Perri
Pontypool On
Dec 25, 2012

seeing is beliving
I got this for my sons project, and he was very pleased. It arrived quickly, packaged nicely and very affordable. We will be doing alot more shopping at this store.
Dec 15, 2012
LaVonne Puha
Lahaina Ha


#2 Rated Monocle
Distinguished Gent Theatrical Monocle - Gold Tone

 Victorian Steampunk Eyewear Gold Clear Alloy Plastic Monocles |Antique Vintage Old Fashioned Wedding Theatrical Reenacting Costume | Gifts Brassy Bits Stocking Stuffers for Him

ITEM 002549




Reviews of this Product

Average Rating: 4.16/5.00 stars from 32 reviews

The m0nocle
A great fun bit of kit!
Aug 11, 2016
Sir William
Chino Valley Ar
Sep 17, 2015

Too big
I really enjoy the look bit the monocle is too large for my face and falls when speaking or singing maybe offer different sizes.
Jul 31, 2015
Mono y Mono
Spandifilous. Grand. Stays installed just fine due to the little added helper frame.
Jul 30, 2015
Colonel Steam
Las Vegas NV
Happy with product
Just as expected.
Sep 5, 2014
Canberra AC
Excellent monocle
A British Gent would not be caught without a "proper" monocle such as this.
Nov 28, 2013
Nerw Smyrna BEach FL
It took a little while to get used to but once you get the trick to holding it in, it is well worth the look; but eating is physically impossible while keeping it in.
Nov 21, 2013

Very Swell
A dandy accoutrement for any gent of means. Made for a big skull.
Nov 8, 2013
Shelby Township Mi
Well made, too big
I have to agree with everyone else who noted the size of the monocle as being too large. It's certainly well made, just too large. I attempted to bend the eyepieces but ended up breaking one of them. I also concur that the lanyard looks pretty tacky. I replaced it with a length of thin black ribbon.
Aug 16, 2013
Thane of Duninsane
Finksburg MD
Nothing wrong with it... It is a costume monocle... Slightly too large to stay in the eye. The smallest bit smaller would be much better.
Jun 7, 2013
Waterford Co
5 Star Seal of Approval
I held a holiday Soirée for my break from school, and I bought my guests monocles as a "Thank You For Coming" gift. Everybody loved them, of course! The mixture of suits, tuxedos, and dresses with these monocles was spectacular. I actually couldn't have been any happier to have ordered them. The quality and genuine look are really something to take note of; they shipped very quickly as well. If you're looking for monocles for your leisure, stage production, filming, or anything else really, I would recommend these 110%
Jan 10, 2013
Jay Perri
Pontypool On
Great Hat
The hat arrived ahead of schedule and was very good quality - we were very happy with it. The Adult Small size fit our 11 year old son (the intended recipient) perfectly and he's small for his size so look at the sizing carefully.
Jul 26, 2012

Don't Waste Your Money...
This monocle, while good looking and nicely priced, is so overly large it is unusable. You *WILL* be disappointed, as I was, upon receiving it. There is no way a normal human can keep this in position without resorting to spirit gum or some other adhesive. Find another one of their fine products, but this should be removed from their offerings.
Jul 16, 2012
Joe Wolf
Houston Te
This item appears to be well made, although the cord is not the greatest; however, the round metal frame is very large. It is too large for my husband, who is a large man.
May 11, 2012
Suzanne Parker
Durango CO
Great Monocle!
It is exactly what I wanted: A basic monocle with which to express surprise and make snide remarks. I have directed friends and coworkers to this site to buy their own.
May 11, 2012


#3 Rated Monocle
Riveted Monoggle - Gold Tone

 Victorian Steampunk Eyewear Gold Plastic Monocles |Antique Vintage Old Fashioned Wedding Theatrical Reenacting Costume | Pirate Gifts for Him Her Stocking Stuffers

ITEM 004060




Reviews of this Product

Average Rating: 4.67/5.00 stars from 9 reviews

Great buy
Delivery is always super fast and this product is exactly like in the picture. I'm always satisfied with all my purchases at the Emporium.
Feb 24, 2017
Happy girl

Fun monoggle
Fun Steampunk Item. Looked great. Quite comfortable.
Dec 2, 2015
Matt Hatter
Pleasant Valley NY
I can see it.
This accessory did not impair my vision as much as I thought it would. It gave me a great look!
Sep 30, 2015
William Searcy
Albany GA
I like it a lot however it is not made very well. As soon as I touched it some of the glued on rivets fell off and I had to super glue them back on. The tag on the strap is in a bad spot and had to be trimmed and colored into hide. Nothing really that serious took all of 5 min to fix. The only thing i did not expect was it throws your vision off a lot and gives me a head ach if i have it on too long. The tint on the lens is cool. I used my dremel and added many accessories to it. All and all for the price you just canít go wrong.
Jun 28, 2014
Great goggle
Nice piece fit great should work great for my costume purposes
Oct 26, 2013
Wink Tx
This arrived quickly and looks great, love it!
May 21, 2013
Martin Beck
Mexico Mi
Neat accessory, but...
I purchased the monoggle expecting it to be an instant part of my steampunk costume. While it is better than many of the elope-brand goggles I've been seeing around, I can't help feeling a little dorky wearing it, especially with the giant elastic band on it. It's really awesome, but I tend to prefer to wear it with a hat, so as to cover up the band. Overall, great product, but less unive3rsal in style than I was expecting. The customer service, however, is phenomenal! :) I asked for style reccommendations, nand they totally e-mailed me with reccomendations for style depending on what I was going for. Very cool. :)
Oct 9, 2012
Cedric Seaman
Eureka CA
Cool Monocle
We have an awesome horror convention every year in Norwood MA - a tribute to the old monster movie show CREATURE DOUBLE FEATURE ! This year's theme, STEAMPUNK ! Our emcee is all Steampunked out !!!!
Aug 26, 2012
Aaron Chauncey
Attleboro Ma
This monoggle was EXACTLY what I wanted and needed to complete my outfit. High quality, perfect fit. Thank You.
May 16, 2012


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