Customer Service – I asked you to draw a picture of an angry spider on the box; you pasted a picture of a spider with Charles Bronson’s head on it instead. I am totally okay with this. The day I got that box was one of the happiest days of my life. {Stephanie B., Gray, TN}

001723_01Governor Cane Brass – I picked up this walking stick for a pair of reasons. A: I love the classic look of a gentleman with a walking stick, and B: I often have hip and back pain that are eased with the use of a cane.

The order arrived promptly, and the cane was just as pretty as shown. What they could not show was the beautiful heft and balance of this walking stick. The feel of it in hand is simply divine. It moves quite nicely as an extension of my arm. I have studied a few martial arts, and the sturdiness of this makes me feel confident that it would hold up quite well if I needed to teach an assailant one of the finer points of bartitsu.

All in all, the expense is well worth the quality of the product.

000479_01Victorian Top Hat, Black – – Just a great hat. People everywhere love it and i wear it all the time. Bluejeans or a suit. I got a black one first and liked it so much i got a gray one to go with it. {Jim H., Kingwood, TX}

Customer Service – Never go out of business, please. It would break my heart to see the most amazing site go under. I think your company is great. All my pants come from you. I get comments daily on how cool my style is. So thank you very much. {Anonymous, US}

004545_01Morton Shirt Tan – I’ve worn the shirt twice since I got it & it has attracted positive attention with statements like “hey, that shirt looks like your great grandfathers shirt” or “what second hand store did you find that old antique it sure looks well kept”, then I told them it was brand new & where I purchased it, they said they were going to check out the website. {R. Murphy, Fort Worth, TX}

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