Butler with Dial PhoneCustomer Service – Customer Service is Fantastic..!!! I Love you guys.!!! Ya know….you guys could easily teach a thing or two to other companies, like the phone companies and such. I have never had a problem with an order, and have always received my order in an timely manner. I send to you Ladys my kisses, and to the gents a cigar. {Anonymous, US}


001723_01Governor Cane Brass –  I picked up this walking stick for a pair of reasons. A: I love the classic look of a gentleman with a walking stick, and B: I often have hip and back pain that are eased with the use of a cane.
The order arrived promptly, and the cane was just as pretty as shown. What they could not show was the beautiful heft and balance of this walking stick. The feel of it in hand is simply divine. It moves quite nicely as an extension of my arm. I have studied a few martial arts, and the sturdiness of this makes me feel confident that it would hold up quite well if I needed to teach an assailant one of the finer points of bartitsu.  All in all, the expense is well worth the quality of the product. {Topher H., Albany, OR}

003869_02 Commander Vest – Black – Another fine vest you gotten me into! This high collar vest provides a distinguished and unique look that will have you looking like an officer and a gentleman. It looks great with an ascot or can even be worn with a regular tie and suit for the avante gard anachronistic look. I was impressed with the craftsmanship and durability that is usually reserved for overpriced designer wear. Since it is worn close to the neck, I would suggest getting a size larger than you would normally wear. It has a surprisingly fitted feel. {Chris H., Dana Point, CA}

Butler with Telephone ReceiverCustomer Service – Love the 6 shirts and the 24 vests and 2 coats I have received from you. The workmanship is great, the fit outstanding the colors vivid and beautiful, I have created my own combinations and the compliments are still coming in. I still have orders on the way, somebody better stop me…..I am addicted to your fine merchandise. {Charles K., San Diego, CA}

002405_01Baker City Vest – Red – I love the products and have had nothing but high complements. 4 ladies in a restaurant were heard to say” Isn’t he cute.”  {Jimmy S., Eastpointe, MI}

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