000952_01Pocket Watch – The watches were wedding presents for my sister and she and her new husband absolutely loved them. My sister commented that she loved how one of the watches had a flower on it similar to Scooby Doo’s Mysteries Inc. logo. {Elizabeth H, Elkview, WV}

002038_01Dress Gloves, Black Deerskin – I wanted some gloves to complete an old west outfit after seeing them worn in a few movies. These gloves are an excellent combination of sophisticated dress and bad-ass attitude – just what I was looking for. No extra fancy stitching, just very well made and softer than soft. I was afraid the gloves would be a little too small after measuring my hand and rounding-down on the size, but that seemed to be perfect. They look and feel (and smell) great. You won’t be disappointed with these gloves, unless you’re one of those that complains about everything just to hear yourself squeek. Enjoy! {Rainy, Upland, CA}

001999_01Professor Ocularo’s X-Ray Monocle – While looking for something different I happened across your ad for Professor Ocularo’s X-ray Monocle…the moment I saw the package I knew this was meant for me. the Item itself is very fine and the instruction booklet brought a giggle, a friend asked if it really worked so I had to tell him that upon reciept I accidentally put it on backward and was able to see the darkness in my mind. {Michael N., Charleston, WV}

Service – After much debate on what to wear for Comic Con this year (I vacillated between investing in a high-end Star Wars costume, the Bandersnatch from Alice in Wonderland, etc), I at last decided to go as a Victorian Doctor and purchased an ENTIRE outfit along with many accessories, all at the VERY last minute, from Historical Emporium. Everything I ordered was in stock (Woot!) and I upgraded the shipping to Next Day Air based on my indecisiveness and my waiting to order 3 days before Comic Con. I placed my order on Sunday night. My order arrived Tuesday! EVERYTHING I ordered was perfectly amazing and of high quality! I was (am!) blown away! AND, to top it all off, Historical Emporium refunded my Next Day Air Shipping ($63!) because I live in Southern California, which is within their 1 day ground shipping zone already. What? Who does that? Holy moly – what a great company, what outstanding service and what amazing products! I’d write more but Comic Con starts in 24 hours and I’ve got to get ready! {Matt M., Temecula, CA}

004748_02Cavalier Vest, Brown – This is even more awesome than the picture shows. The notes say it runs to small so I bought a size up from my normal and it is perfect. I now have 14 vests from Historical Emporium and this is the king of vests. The finish and look is brilliant. When I wear it the ladies swoon and want to be with me and the men want to be me. It is that great. {Martin Z, Sydney, AU}

003865_02Burford Vest – Thanks for providing a long lost item of male clothing. It was difficult to locate a separate vest to wear with sport coats and jackets. They are a practical solution to my needs. I lived in Gettysburg for many years, and saw my share of Re-inactors. We had one nice period clothing shop, but its offerings were limited. There are so many different styles and fabrics, I can’t complain any longer. {Vernon H., Baltimore, MD}

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