NEW: How-to video just added!


If you can’t watch the video, or prefer written instructions, please just follow the steps below.

Step 1


Attach tie around neck using hook. Adjust the tie using the slider until it fits snugly but comfortably. Let long ends hang loose.

Step 2


Hold the long ends of the tie. Slide one end across the center and under your waistcoat.
Important! As you slide one end of the tie across, be sure to not “fold” the tie, i.e. the part of the slide that’s facing forward in figure 1 should still be facing forward. This will create a slight kink in the upper part of the tie, which will help support the “puff” look.

Step 3


Slide the other loose end of the tie across the front of the first end, again being sure that the front of the tie stays forward.

Step 4


Step 5


Your tie is puffed. Make any final adjustments, and you’re on your way.
These instructions also apply if you’re wearing the puff tie without a vest. To hold the tie in place after it’s puffed, you will need a tie tack to maintain the look.