Back in the day, if you owned a railroad you usually frowned upon train robberies.  The same rule generally applies today.

The exception to the rule is the magnanimous owner of the Durbin & Greenbrier Valley Railroad in Elkins, WV, who recently allowed an armed old west gang to attack his railroad in broad daylight.

Of course, this was just a reenactment, but plenty exciting nonetheless!

Emporium customers Joseph L, Julius L, Larry M, and the owner of the Durbin Rocket (a rare 55-ton steam locomotive) organized an event last month called the Great Durbin Train Robbery. Passengers of this event were witness to an old west train robbery complete with outlaws on horse back and a roaring gunfight.

Watch a short clip of the holdup.

The banditos met their match when the law arrived, however, and a roaring gunfight ensues.  This picture set captures some of the action.

The event was so successful they are already planning next years event with even more train trips and shoot outs. If you would like to participate or spectate, or are interested in some of their other great vintage rail experiences, visit their Facebook page for all the latest news.

Want to learn more or book a trip on a historic railway? Visit the Durbin & Greenbrier website.

Thanks to Joseph, Julius, Larry and all of the Greenbrier folks for sharing this great story!

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