A toast to piracy and its many shiny rewards! 


To celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day, we have compiled a listing of phrases for use at home and the office so that you don’t spend the whole day saying, “ARRGGH”

Avast ye, swabbies!  – A charming way to say hello to your coworkers.

Drink up, me hearties! –  A perfect way to encourage your children (or those who act like children) to drink their milk.

We be off the map! Here be monsters! – An excellent response to a preposterous idea in a meeting or, more literally, if you lose cellphone coverage and have no idea where you are.

Belay that order – An ideal response if someone is encouraging a bad idea.

Batten down the hatches – What to say as you exit your car or house and want someone to lock the door.  Or a non-confrontational way to tell someone that their zipper is down.

Pieces of Eight – Baffle the cashier at your local deli or grocery store with this one.

Heave Ho – Give the rubbish a heave-ho, there, me matey!

Landlubber – Be sure to call all non-piratical people, land lubbers.  They really seem to like that.

Step Smartly, Mates – Telling in folks to hurry and finish a task.  Perfect for the end of the day as you head off for a bit of grog.

Add any of your own ideas here at the bottom to help out our newly piratical friends.


Our crew is in the spirit of the day – enjoy their high seas hijinks.