Congratulations to our winner, Michael Mascelli, pictured here wearing the White Doc Stripe Shirt, Black Lansing Four-In-Hand Tie, Gray Elastic Y-Back Braces, and the Gray Deluxe Silk Sleeve Garters all from Historical Emporium.


Historical Emporium Folk,’

I am very pleased to submit a photo of myself outfitted head to toe with your clothing (except for the custom apron), and portraying the historical character Henry O. Studley.

Mr Studley is the creator of perhaps the most famous tool chest in the world, and thanks to the efforts of my friend Don Williams of the Smithsonian (retired), an exhibit of the chest and other related materials was recently mounted at the Scottish Rite Masonic Temple in Cedar Rapids Iowa. 

The exhibit also marked the launch of Don’s book “Virtuoso” (Lost Art Press), detailing the life of Studley and the details of the chest which I am happy to add sold out all available copies! In the woodworking and antique tool worlds, this chest is the Holy Grail…. It just happens that I closely resemble Mr. Studley and I was able to portray him and tell his life story to over 1000 visitors during the course of this once in a lifetime event. The chest is privately owned, and the owner agreed to this ONE exhibit. I am very pleased with your clothing and thank you for your prompt service.

-Michael Mascelli

Thanks for your entry, Michael, and enjoy your gift certificate!

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