Historical Emporium sat down with one of the Warehouse Representatives, Mike, and talked about a few of his favorite things.

HEI: What is your favorite part about working for this company?
Mike: I feel like I’m in a Big Family and you (our customers) are a part of that. We help each other to get your orders to you. If you are happy then we are happy. That is what families do…

HEI: Do you have any shipping tips customers should know?
Mike: A tip for our customers is to add notes to where you would like your package to be placed (front porch, back door, behind flower pot, ect…) We also enjoy drawing on the boxes. Please ask for them. They are fun for us.

HEI: Do you have any behind the scenes fun facts?
Mike: Nerf battles break out regularly. My choice is the Nerf Zombie Double Strike Blaster…. Play safe and PLAY TO WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Favorite Five:

004753_011. Wasteland Shades – Bronze:
With the end coming, these shades will show a bright future ahead.

002568_012. Humboldt Stripe Vest:
This vest sets off my blue jean just right…

000585_013. Rifle Frock Coat:
I put on this coat and it takes me back to the old west. Ready to take on anybody (Good or Bad) I have my moods. And lots of room for your firepower.

001068_014. Slouch Hat – Black:
A hat you can wear out on the range herding cattle. At the end of the day walk through your kitchen door and see your lady. She gives you a warm smile and a wink. She walks over to you and says “You look DAMN GOOD in the Slouch”.

004477_015. Mad Scientist Howie Lab Coat – White:
Some days I wake up and things are DANCING in my head. I’m confused. Then I think I can straighten it out if I’m in the right mind. To the MAN CAVE… There I go to the closet and put on the Howie. My mind clears. My plan to take over the WORLD is realized. HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What are your Favorite items?
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