Dickens Fairs around the country have begun their celebration of the acclaimed novelist Charles Dickens.

If you’ve never attended one before you are in for a wondrous adventure! Vendors, Musicians, and Entertainers all dressed in Victorian era clothing and filled with the characters from Dickens’ Christmas stories.

You can enjoy all the festivities in your everyday clothes or join the experience and dress the part!

Need help with costume ideas? Take a look at our gallery below of some of our customers who’ve gone before or take a look at the outfit ideas we’ve put together.

We’ve taken images of Charles Dickens characters and offered our suggestion on how to achieve that look. Each blog will have a new outfit to consider.

Bob Cratchit!


Barrington Top Hat

Sovereign Regency Tailcoat

Canvas Double Breasted Vest

Cashmere Wool Scarf

Fingerless Knit Gloves

Excelsior Dress Shirt

Regency Fall Front Trousers

Cavalry Long Boot


If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area, check out The Great Dickens Christmas Fair! It’s one of the largest and longest running Dickens Fairs. It’s open until December 18th. Check out their website for ticket prices and more information.

Or, if you’re near Galveston Texas, make sure you attend Dickens on The Strand. The world famous Victorian holiday festival returns on December 2nd through the 4th. Check out their website for ticket prices and more information.



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