Congratulations to our winner, Kevin Samson, pictured here wearing the Humboldt Stripe Trousers, Humboldt Stripe Vest, Deluxe Floppy Bow Tie, White Sinclair Shirt, and the Black Elastic Y-Back Bracesall from the Historical Emporium.

Rehearsal Dinner for my daughter’s wedding 09-13-2019.

the outfit went over very well and I really enjoyed wearing it. The quality is really nice. The shirt was so comfortable also, really impressed with everything. Three days prior to this picture I had a heart attack and was released from the hospital. I was worried I was going to be tired so I bought a cane to help me stay upright, it ended up being such a great outfit accessory instead.

will now be looking for my next unique outfit.

thank you,
Kevin Samson

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