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Group Costumes

Vintage Style Group Costumes

Bring your Friends!

Short on friends? Make a new one!

Dressing up is always more fun with friends, and showing up as a group in theme is always a great time!

Our warehouse and office staff teamed up to bring you these fabulous group costumes, inspired by characters from history, literature, Hollywood and Broadway.

We hope these ideas will spark your imagination!

Click any of the photos to see the details in the outfit, or feel free to contact us if you have any questions!


Safari Couple Group Costume

Safari Couple

She had ambition as wide as the Sahara. He was just doing his duty

Together, they made history.

Mermaid, Prince and Witch Group Costume

Mermaid, Prince and Witch

A lovely mermaid, a handsome prince, and a sea witch.

Will true love crash on the rocks?

Holmes & Watson Group Costume

Holmes and Watson

Observe, Analyze, Deduce.

"The game is afoot!

Frankenstein Family Group Costume

Frankenstein Family

Mad Science? Re-animation? A spark of romance?

What could possibly go wrong?

Nanny & Chimneysweep Group Costume

Nanny & Chimneysweep

Prim and Proper, with just a bit of whimsy.

Oh! And a spoonful of sugar!

Jack The Ripper & Victim Group Costume

Jack the Ripper

Dapper yet deadly, out of the fog he came.

The original lady killer.

Mummy Hunters Group Costume

Mummy Hunters

A good plan. A very good plan.

Then everything came unraveled.

Phantom & Christine Group Costume

Phantom & Christine

Beautiful voices. Dark Secrets. A love triangle.

What more could one possibly desire?

Vintage Swimmers Group Costume

Vintage Swimmers

The sun! The fresh air! The creaky boardwalk!

Who wouldn't want to spend a day at the seashore?

Ruffian and Rancher Group Costume

Ruffian and Rancher

He had a past. She wanted a future.

Somehow, they made it work.

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