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How to Adjust your Holster

If you find that your pistol does not fit neatly into the holster, you can adjust the shape of the holster opening for a better fit.

Built into the body of the holster, (between the leather layers,) there is an integrated steel frame which can be bent with pressure on the sides or ends.

After bending, it should hold its new shape.

Holster is too round, pistol is loose

Holster Adjustment Image

If the holster mouth is too CIRCULAR, and your pistol feels loose and will not slide down far enough,

Holster Adjustment Image

Press down on the side of the Holster to make the opening more oval.

Holster is too flat, pistol is tight

Holster Adjustment Image

If the holster mouth is too FLAT, and tight against the sides of the pistol frame,

Holster Adjustment Image

Squeeze the ends to widen the opening.

If you have any questions, please contact us and we'll be glad to help!

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