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How to Tie a Victorian Ascot

Many of our customers have asked us how to tie our victorian ascot. Here's one method that is easy and looks terrific.

Step 1

Drape the ascot around the neck, with the ends in front of you, as shown. One end should be longer than the other.

Step 2

Cross the long end of the ascot in front of the short end.

Step 3

Tuck the long end up behind the short end, pulling it up alongside the chin.

Step 4

Pull the long end all the way up and through, straightening the ascot around the neck for a snug but not uncomfortable fit.

Step 5

Lay the long end back down in front. Ideally, the two ends are roughly the same length at this point.

Step 6

Straighten and pull the two sides of the ascot wide for an even, tidy look.

Step 7

Tuck the ascot back into your waistcoat. You're ready to go!

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