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Detachable Cotton Collar - Wing Tip


Item: 001573



Be the nobbiest gent in town with one of our splendid men's collars!

Our authentic style collars feature starchable heavy cotton construction to maintain shape and style through many wearings. Collar front attachment is sized for a snug fit with a collar stud (not included.)

Each collar has a buttonhole at the center back, if you desire to add a button to your shirt for a snugger fit. Measures approximately 2 inches in height.

Recommended for use with one of our shirts which is designed specifically to work with the collars. If your prefer, choose any band-collar shirt with a front stud, and add your own button to the back to secure the collar.

Collars are sized up to fit over like-sized shirts, so order by your own shirt size. Medium collars can be used with smaller shirts. Available in sizes XS - 3X.

Imported. 100% Cotton. Hand-wash, or launder on gentle cycle with cold water.

The Actual Size measurement is measured from button hole to button hole on our collars.

One stitch holds the Wing Tip in place or use a seam ripper if you're wearing it with a wider tie.

NOTE: These collars are supported with interfacing and are designed to be somewhat stiff. Additional starch may be ironed into the cotton collar to increase the stiffness of the fabric. Or use our Reinforced Detachable Cotton Collar instead of starching.

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Detachable Collar
Sizing Chart
Size Neck Size Actual Size
XS 13 - 13.5" 16"
S 14 - 14.5" 17"
M 15 - 15.5" 18"
L 16 - 16.5" 19"
XL 17 - 17.5" 20"
2X 18 - 18.5" 21"
3X 19 - 20" 22"
Sizing Notes
Collars are sized to fit around a like-sized band collar shirt.
The Actual Size measurement is measured from button hole to button hole on our detachable collars.
We sell a number of band collar shirts sized to work properly with our collars. Click here to see the full line.
If you plan to use our collar with your own band collar shirt, please measure the outside circumference of your shirt collar, then use the "actual size" column to select the correct collar to purchase.

Product Reviews  

Reviews of this Product

Average Rating: 4.12/5.00 stars from 25 reviews

Great Collar
I bought this collar to go with the Fairchild shirt. It looks wonderful. The hole in the front for the stud took a little working, it was very stiff, but once I did and undid it a few times it loosened up nicely. I really don't understand why detachable collars went out of fashion. I plan of buying several more.
Aug 30, 2017
David Roberts
High Point NC
Good item
Great item for the price. It would probably be best to purchase one of the collarless shirts that are offered. I had one (not purchased here) already in my wardrobe but it did not work as well as hoped. Great style and makes most collarless shirts very versatile. Also saves money on buying multiple shirts. :)
Aug 18, 2016
E. Chapin
Dunedin Fl
Quality collar
I am so glad I found Historical Emporium. I had been looking for a detachable wing collar for a long time. The old ones are almost impossible to find any more and even if you do get a stock of them, they wear out pretty quickly. These collars are perfect. Great service. Thanks
May 25, 2016
Sierra Vista Ar
A handsome product
I bought this collar to add a realistic detail to a butler costume. It looks very good with the suit and is styled with two holes, one for a larger stud (I sewed a button onto a more modern shirt) in the back and smaller holes for plain men's collar studs in the front. It does not come starched and works fine without stiffening. It looks handsome with bow or straight ties. It arrived within days of purchase and am very happy with it, as are my fellow cast-mates.
May 11, 2016
Alison from...
Cape Cod Ma
Nice quality but...
The tips were stitched down making it impossible to use correctly. The other problem is that it measures a full 2 inches too big to attach to a standard collarless shirt. order according to the neck measurement of your shirt. the actual size column tells it like it is so match it up to your shirt measurement. I had to exchange mine for a smaller size.
Jul 20, 2015
David Saidat
Anderson SC
Nice product for price
Great quality and fits well over a band collar, but kinda wish the wings weren't stitched down so it sits over a tie...
Jul 17, 2015
Los Angeles
Great item indeed! (only choose size with care)
This collar came safely wrapped so no creasing occurred. It matches the HE shirts perfectly, only had some minor sizing issues (now solved), but that should resolve as soon as you order from Historical Emporium again, which I will most certainly do! Next time I will know my correct sizing. I like the way it came, not too soft and not too heavily starched, so you can choose how you like it. The wing tips are sewn on, which can and should be changed (carefully/professionally) after arrival. Otherwise it is hard to use it with a necktie.
May 7, 2015
Collars are too big for the size
The collar quality is what I expected for the price. The issue is with the sizing. They are not sized correctly. They are too big for the collar size so I cannot wear them. The shipping cost was more than the collars so I'll just toss them out. They can't shrink enough to wear so it is money wasted. If they had fit I'd have given a 4, but under the circumstances 2 stars is generous.
Mar 1, 2015
Ottawa On
Puff tie only
This is a good solid collar but the wingtips are sewn and don't leave much room for anything other than an adjustable puff tie to be slid through. Good thing you can buy Puff ties from here too.
Dec 9, 2014
The Baron
San Francisco CA
Wing Tip Collar
Rated 3 stars because suggested size waaaaay too big, who needs a 19 inch collar? I adjusted it down to a 16 1/2 as did I the shirt's neckband in order to make it work.
Nov 21, 2014
4 stars
Why are the "wing" tips sewn on to the collar...? Are they not supposed to stand up over the tie...?
Apr 11, 2014
W Shockey
Oklahoma City OK
Flashy Accessory
The addition of a winged tip collar provides a distinctive bold look to your dress. The collarís material quality and craftsmanship are first rate. Because the wingtips are sewn down on this collar, it doesnít wear well with several of the cravat and tie styles, providing you want the wingtips over the band. I cut mine loose.
Jul 17, 2013
Pensacola Fl
got a Medium for a 15-15 1/2 neck size and the fit is perfect. great look and quality.
Jan 18, 2013
Good, but watch size
Good quality, although you'll need a razor blade if you want the wing tips to stick up in an authentic way. Also, you may need to order TWO sizes smaller than you think unless you're using it for the actual Emporium shirt. I have a 16.5 neck and needed to go to the smallest size for my normal collarless shirt. Kind of surprising, as I tend to buy in the extra-large end of regular dress shirts. So, do question the size chart if you got your shirt somewhere else. On the other hand, it's nice to be a "small" for once in my life...
Dec 6, 2012

This item looked good but the tips of the wings were stitched down and that made fishing the hook end of the tie hard. Also, making suggestions about which shirts match well with the collars would be helpful. The collar and shirt I ordered were not ideally matched. The shirt had a rear loop when the collar wanted a button. They worked well with a bit of fussing and some way too young ladies were saying sassy things so the image worked. Who knew?
Nov 6, 2012
TJ McCabe
Aspen Co

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