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Antique Gold Lacy Design Mechanical Pocket Watch with Chain

Mechanical Pocketwatch

Item: 003631



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There is no time like the past and our Antique Gold Lacy Mechanical Pocketwatch conjures up an image of Mr. Dapper stepping out in a kinder, gentler era. Of course, gentlemen still had meetings to attend and engagements to keep – but thankfully without the vulgarity of a plastic digital watch.

This sophisticated pocket watch seems like it came right out great-grandfather’s treasure box, especially with the antique gold finish and intricate case. Gears galore, you can see how the internal mechanisms keep time right down to the second through the front and back case. Inside reveals a white skeleton face and smaller red numbers that denote military time.

This mechanical watch needs to be hand-wound daily to keep proper time. Imported. Included are a 14 inch matching chain and velvet storage bag. Approximately 1.75" in diameter.

Note: back cover styles will vary.

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Product Reviews  

Reviews of this Product

Average Rating: 4.31/5.00 stars from 16 reviews

It is even more beautiful than it appears. Its going to be a fantastic addition to his steam punk attire. And such speedy shipping. Ordered on a Monday, had it by the weekend. Will definitely come back in the future. Thanks again!
Dec 16, 2013
San Jose Ca
Oct 4, 2013
Edmonton Al
Terrible pocket watch
It is a great looking watch but the quality is terrible. After just two days it stopped working and has been broken ever since. I plan to send it back in hopes if exchanging it. Very disappointed.
Jun 28, 2013

Amazing watch
I ordered 2 of them, thinking I ordered one but it was a nice surprise because I gave one to my uncle, these watches are awesome great time piece. I don't loose that much time and I only need to wind it daily, Its beautiful to the eye and the inner workings are spectacular.
Jun 28, 2013
Girard Oh
It's okay
The watch looks great from the outside, but I have two criticisms: first, the plastic that covers the face feels weak and cheap; second, it is difficult to open (I think I can fix this with a tad of wd-40). Neither problem is particularly troublesome since I got this as an accessory for my man to wear to a wedding and maybe a few other times, so it won't be a high-use item. If you were planning to use this every day, however, I think the quality issues would be more of an issue.
Dec 2, 2012
Washington DC
Great looking. We bought several for a steampunk wedding.... Great price wonderful looking. Quick delivery
Sep 17, 2012

Beautiful watch
The amount of detail put into this pocket watch is phenomenal. The open-faced back is great to see the clock's inner works, combined with the intricate front works beautifully. Highly recommend getting this watch as a special gift.
Sep 12, 2012

Beautiful piece
I bought this watch as a gift to my soon to be husband to wear on our wedding day. He has yet to see it in person and has no idea it will soon be his but he was marveling over my shoulder as I perused your wonderful shop under false pretenses. Here's hoping he likes it. The watch itself is beautifully detailed and has a really satisfying weight to it. The window to the gears is absolutely entrancing after winding it I found myself staring at the little gears for quite some time. I am very pleased with my purchase and plan to continue making purchases with the Historical Emporium! The only remark I can make that is anything less than stellar is that I sort of wish there had been some sort of instruction pamphlet or something included detailing ideal care for the watch, things like this may be common knowledge among the dyed in the wool hard core steampunks and "era enthusiasts" but your average layman now finds these things a bit bewildering. It would have been nice to have a little bit of neatly printed guidance.
Jun 22, 2012
Lindsay Bernal
Portland Or
Beautiful Pocket Watch!
This is one of the best pocket watches I own as of my collection so far. It is amazingly detailed from the casing to the gears. I seen some complaints about the window not being glass but it really does not take away from the beauty of this watch, highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a fine pocket watch at a reasonable price.
Jan 3, 2012
Dayton OH
Beautiful, durable, and all around wonderful.
This was the first pocket watch I had ever purchased. As Im sure you can imagine, I took my time, searched around, and did the best to find a watch that was in my price range, but also held up to my standards and would look exceptional with the rest of my wardrobe. Well, this watch has managed to fit all of those categories not only on screen, but also in person. I am a little hard on my accessories, and thus far it has held up beautifully, although I have been doing my best to be careful. It is a simply beautiful watch. My personal favorite feature is the engraving and window on the back. The only issue I have had thus far is forgetting to wind it, but Im sure that will come with time. I am sure there are better watches out there, but for the price (at least from what I know) this is an excellent buy.
Dec 19, 2011

Very Cool!
Very nice looking, very detailed. Love the little velour carrying pouch. My son loves this watch.
Dec 19, 2011
Not worth the price
The metal casing was beautiful. But for $39 the cover should not have been thin plastic, but glass. The watch did not tell time for more than 6 hours. In this day and age, we can build watches, albeit reproductions that tell time longer than 6 hours. The plastic cover was the most shocking though.
Dec 13, 2011
Time is Fly
First of, I would like to state that it takes A LOT to impress me, after all, I came from the wealthiest family in the airship business. I only deal with the highest quality of merchandise, no junk. Although, I must say, I was very satisfied once I received my order. The parcel arrived faster than I had expected, and it was just as nice as it looked in the picture. It's almost depressing how I always end up finding accessories, like this watch, and end up looking fabulous, while all my colleagues have to walk around in their rags. Not many things make me smile, but I had a strange new emotion when I was looking at the watch.Sincerely yours, Madame Anathema the Melancholy
Oct 31, 2011
Madame Anathema...
Oceanside CA
Very beautiful and all wind up. No batteries necessary. You can see the internal parts moving from both sides.
Oct 24, 2011

Mechanical Pocketwatch
I love it, its beautiful and I have received several compliments on it already. The older people go into stories of their life from their memories of their fathers/grandfathers pocket watches and that leads to other stories. This pocket watch is a quality conversation piece and keeps good time.
Oct 17, 2011
Des Moines IA

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