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Dirty Trix Boone, Ruffian

Man, woman or child, you don’t challenge the legendary Dirty Trix Boone without sufferin’ a mighty awful consequence. That’s how the self-appointed leader of the notorious Boone River Gang assembled such a posse of willing minions; stuttering underlings ready to execute his roughshod plans without question. Equal opportunists in the business of robbing, Boone and his gang prey on loot-loaded stagecoaches as well as the pocketbooks and cameo brooches belonging to little old ladies.

Many unfamiliar with Boone’s upbringing have wondered what could turn a young man so foul and felonious. A seemingly normal toddler until age three, he was shipped off to live with a spinster aunt after his mama unexpectedly died. All was well and good until he started terrorizing the neighbor’s hounds and nicking fruit out of a nearby orchard. The final straw was at age 7, when he punched the teacher on the first day of school for calling him “Dexter,” his much reviled given name. With a note pinned to his jacket, he was sent home on the train to live with his three older brothers and drunkard of a father.

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