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Nathan Hughes, Gentleman Gunman

Nathan Hughes enjoys the reputation of a ‘gentleman gunman,’ an oxymoron in most parts of the Wild West. Living in an era of ‘shoot first, ask questions later,’ Hughes is known as an intellectualizer and humanitarian, willing only to make the ultimate show of force when innocents are in mortal danger. It surprises most to learn that, aside from target practice, he’s only blasted through 5 of the 6 bullets in the chamber of his revolver. However, because his shot is dead on, he’s kept the streets a little safer for his lady admirers – now that’s chivalry!

Aside from his impressive shooting skills, Hughes is also known for his sharp style of dressing. The polish on his boots is perpetually high-shine, even on rainy days, and he has a wardrobe full of vibrant waistcoats suitable for every occasion. He much prefers spending time in fancy parlors with lovely ladies discussing theatre and modern philosophical subjects, but can be counted upon to enter the fray when needed. His witty repartee makes him a favorite among the local hostesses, but they truly appreciate his ability to keep the peace with his excellent marksmanship.

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