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Stella Maguire, Reformist

Even in her suit jacket, Stella Maguire has a rough yet undeniably charismatic edge that the other reformists in her womenís rights group just canít hold a candle to. Bold, beautiful and not a bit afraid to speak her mind against the social mores of the day, she is different from most of the other ladies who clamor for change privately and then clam up when amongst polite society.

Stella throws herself into her work with passionate verve, determined to improve the lives of the less fortunate. Though the other reformers appreciate her vehement pursuit of justice, her mysterious past is still a source of much gossip and muttering at the local charity balls. Where was she from and how did she come by her immense fortune? No one knows and Stella isnít saying. But, sheís happy to talk about womenís rights and the need for charitable donations.

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