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Madame Joliegh de Fille

Madam Joliegh de Fille is a force to be reckoned within the community; beautiful, charming, and indisputably successful, her calling card is at the fingertips of many a gentleman. She an inveterate donor to numerous charities in town, including the local lending library and school for the poor, and is able to fund her pet philanthropies thanks to the deep pockets afforded by an over-scheduled, around-the-clock appointment book.

At ease as a peer among men, Madam de Fille also has a protective and older-sister like rapport with many of the town’s most lovely, yet lost, single young women. Coming to apprentice under her tutelage in return for board, these budding beauties are cultivated in every art, interest and point of etiquette. From reciting poetry to reconciling the books to tickling the ivories and titillating post-prandial conversation, a de Fille girl is smart, sweet and hopefully engaging.

So, it should suffice to say, that men are quite pleased with Madame de Fille’s intuitive matchmaking skills. The occasional marriage is arranged through her introductions but mainly the draw is the warmth and welcoming hospitality of the bevy and rubbing elbows with her other male acquaintances.

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