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Lady Heather, Countess of Ravenswood (reshoot)

Lady Heather Ravenswood is well-known for her connections amongst the upper-echelons of citizenry. She hobnobs with other aristocrats and gentry of the highest pedigree and is often called upon in private by these same acquaintances who seek her discerning and discrete advice. You see, Lady Ravenswood is expertly versed in how to handle unanticipated twists in life and can arrange for an expedient solution nearly any situation, no matter how tawdry or tainted.

The distraught who pay visits to Lady Ravenswood’s private chambers for guidance are always greeted with the obligatory smile, but ask too many questions and the corners of her mouth will turn down to match her steely stare.

From serious quandaries such as cavorting husbands, broken engagements, financial indiscretions and socially unacceptable diseases to less delicate dilemmas such as culinary ineptness and bad teeth, Lady Heather can bring a predicament to near immediate resolution through her network of mysterious colleagues. One dare not ask for references or question the Lady’s judgment if one desires to stay within her elite circle of society.

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