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Vivian St. Claire, Bounty Hunter

Vivian St. Claire, the mere mention of her name strikes fear in the hearts of the hardened criminals who try, in vain, to elude her relentless hunt. Although one would never guess by her soft voice or silky skin, the lady is gifted with the nose of a bloodhound, ears that echolocate like a bat and the stealthy speed of a sizeable cat of prey. Thanks to this finely-honed instinct and intuition, she’s collected a small fortune in rewards.

Witnesses say that St. Claire is a skilled sharpshooter who can intentionally graze the whisker off a mole on the chin of a murderer, marauder or other misdeed-doer -- and from 500 feet away no-less. This amazingly accurate aim along with her disarming good looks are employed to startle fugitives into submission, a good thing since a pulse is typically required for pay-out.

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