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Captain Lackbeard [RESHOOT need new pic]

The pirate Lackbeard has a fine pedigree as far as privateers go. His family has a long history of pillaging and plundering enemy ships across the seven seas. Sometimes under the thin veil of governmental legitimacy and sometimes not. When snubbed by her majesty for an upcoming commission, the industrious and increasingly insurgent Lackbeard opted to take to the skies in a home-crafted airship, without the prerequisite permissions!

Flying under the royal radar, Lackbeard and crew found approaching a target from above provided an unmatched level of stealth and, ultimately, wealth. On one mission, Lackbeard, an occasional imbiber of alcohol, accidentally spilled his bottle of rum in the boiler room. Fortunately, his life was spared from the explosion, but the scaring on his face permanently claimed his once robust beard, and upon close inspection, half an eyebrow.

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