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Arlo Beesom, Alchemist

With no formal training but years of practical experience in chemistry, Arlo Beesom seeks new solutions to solve the problems of a dystopian society. The catalyst for his lifeís calling was a junior chemistry set received from his father during a rare childhood visit. His father promised to visit again soon, but then disappeared forever in a cloud of smoke.

Mixing up beakers and test tubes to Ďamaze and delightí his friends, as suggested by the kitís pamphlet, Beesom quickly learned that he had a natural gift in the physical sciences. Unable to afford university tuition, he took on an apprenticeship with a local chemist and all went well until they had a moral disagreement about the end use for chemicals such as cyanide, uranium and ammonium nitrate. Thusly, he set up his own laboratory and now experiment to his heartís delight. Today he can be credited with the random ionization of nuclear subparticals and is noted in academic journals for Beesomís Law of Alchemy.

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