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Top Rated Canes

At Historical Emporium, we have been selling authentic period clothing since 2003, with thousands of satisfied customers around the world.

We have sold hundreds of canes, and we listen closely to customer feedback to make sure we're delivering on the promise of unique, authentic clothing, world class service, and great prices.

We survey every customer to gauge their opinion of the products they bought, and put together this list of the top-ranked canes in our store.

Shop with confidence, knowing that these terrific canes have been tested and endorsed by our other customers, and that you will receive five star service along with a great value!


#1 Rated Cane
Derby Cane - Brass with Walnut

 Victorian Steampunk Mens Canes Gold Brass Wood |Antique Vintage Old Fashioned Wedding Theatrical Reenacting Costume |

ITEM 001912




Reviews of this Product

Average Rating: 5.00/5.00 stars from 22 reviews

Derby Cane
Nov 7, 2018

Derby Cane
This cane is high quality , really nice .
Oct 18, 2018
Greg Noeske
Great cane
Got this to polish off a gambler outfit I put together for CAS. I have a bum ankle and need a good cane from time to time. Looks great, feels good in hand, only detractor would be the rubber cap on the foot. It'd be nice to have a brass ferrule.
Feb 8, 2017
Great cane
Great cane and it's well made. I bought this to go with my old west gambler outfit for when I want to classy up the joint. I also have a bad ankle and so this was a big help that looks good too. The head screws on but holds tight and is comfortable. My only issue is that it has a rubber boot on the bottom. I was hoping I could replace it was a brass tip and attach a rubber foot on the bottom of that. I'll figure something out. Otherwise I'm extremely happy with this.
Feb 2, 2017
Wichita Falls TX
Derby Cane.,,,
Due to an injury, I needed a functional cane, so I thought I'd get which is Victorian period correct. I got several compliments on the cane when I used the cane at a Western event. The quality and visual impact is excellent. It's heavy and solid and the brass handle is beefy. I made the right choice.
Apr 15, 2016
Pico Pistolero
Los Angeles Ca
walking cane
Love the looks and feel. I wish it was a little longer, I was using an expandable one for a few week until I found and received this one and the extra inch or two seemed to be better, however this one is the height all the expert say should be right for me, If they could make an inch or two longer and allow customers to cut to right height (which it come with instructions for shorter people to cut and put the cap back on. It would be perfect, I love it.
Dec 2, 2015
Fort Worth TX TX
Derby Cane
This cane is Great the Quality it Great and my husband will be using it in Oct dowm in Tombstone.
Aug 21, 2015
Sun City West az
Derby Cane
Comfortable, sturdy and a pleasure to hold. Great Value!!
Oct 25, 2014
Hartford CT
great buy
I thought the Brass /Walnut Cane I just purchased was a great buy both in quality of product and style. I just had total Knee replacement surgery 5 days ago and just returned from the hospital. I plan to use the cane as part of my re-hab process as soon as I finish with the walker in about a week. My PT therapist said she thought it look very elegant and I agree. I will likely use it after I don't need it.
Aug 30, 2014
Charleston SC
Victorian Style Cane
Cane is usable as a walking aide. Goes great with or without my Steampunk attire. Also came with instructions on how to size the cane to properly use as a walking aide.
Jul 19, 2013
Uncasville Ct
Gift for my son. His assessment: Striking to look at, beautiful balance. The perfect accessory to keep ruffians at bay during late night strolls.
Jan 11, 2013
Jo Reid
Seattle WA
Elegant and practical
I had this cane sized and I enjoy it. Friends and strangers have asked to try it and they too like it for its sturdiness and good looks.
Jan 10, 2013
Abel Kaiahua
Edmonds Wa
USA: What Can I Say ?
Made in USA makes my day anyway ! The Derby Hardwood Cane with real Solid Brass handle Looks well and does it's cane work well. Myself being a beatup old Marine I need to have an edge in bad neighborhoods, which I always legally do ! Classy looking cane with a little something extra for the bad guys: Cane Fu and a large knot on the bad guys head is just an extra "Ace In The Hole". Excellent Quality at an affordable price is the way we did business in America for a long long time and Historial Emporium is still diong that. Also credit must also go The the 100 year old Harvey Cane Co, where my cane was made. Woody Won't Settle For Junk !
Nov 26, 2012
Woody C.
Harrisburg Pa
Derby Cane
Oct 26, 2012

Super sweet
This is a very solid cane. I like the aesthetic of it as well as the functionality. The solid bronze handle may be a little too slick for your liking but it is perfect for mine. No blemishes or burrs of the handle, very comfortable to use, and doesn't feel like it will ever give. I did have to trim an inch and a half off the bottom for optimal comfort but that's to be expected as one size doesn't fit all. I need a cane these days to help me out when strolling about and it's great to have one that looks classy and is completely functional.
Sep 12, 2012
Jeremy L
Virginia Beach Vi


#2 Rated Cane
Tycoon Cane - Silver

 Victorian Mens Canes Silver Plated Wood |Antique Vintage Old Fashioned Wedding Theatrical Reenacting Costume | Dickens

ITEM 001786




Reviews of this Product

Average Rating: 4.71/5.00 stars from 17 reviews

Looks great from a distance
I was impressed with the care taken in packaging when my cane first arrived. I purchased for daily use after a recent back surgery. It has now been almost a week and I can write an honest review. The finish on the head is starting to chip and peel which leads me to believe it's nothing more than a piece of coated brass. It does have some considerable weight to it though. It threads on to interchange with other heads and there is a collar to hide the transition from metal head to wood cane. This collar does not line up perfectly. I believe it's from the screw not being perfectly centered in the cane for the head to screw on to. Other than that it's a perfect fit for my 6' 1", 235 lb, monkey arm frame and I have had no reservations about putting my whole weight on it. As far as the "geriatric" looking rubber tip, it IS REMOVABLE WITHOUT CUTTING IT OFF. It just takes some elbow grease to get it worked off. All in all it's a quality constructed, uniquely styled cane I never would have found locally.
Dec 6, 2015
Selinsgrove Pe
Tycoon Cane
The selling points for the cane were appearance (dignified, not garish), rugged (it can support my weight), and just the right height.
Jan 2, 2015
Chuck Olynyk
Pomona CA
Tycoon Cane
I received the Tycoon Cane much earlier than expected. Arrived in excellent condition. I am very pleased with it. I did wish it had a SMALL rubber tip instead of the large one. No issues though....a great add to my look!
Mar 18, 2014
High Card
Morgantown In
good buy
This is a nice cane for the money. Wish it came a little longer with a hard tip at the bottom...or some type of tip you could screw on and change out for different looks, instead of rubber casing.
Oct 22, 2013
Little Rock AR
Nice piece
Overall, this is a nice cane. The only concern is the rubber tip which is quite visible and is not period accurate. Other than that, it does compliment the suit.
Oct 14, 2013

Tycoon Cane-Silver
Just the perfect cane to accent our daughters victorian era wedding.....very stylish and well made.
Feb 19, 2013
Linda Durkee
Dunnellon FL
Love it
great looking, sturdy, will take off the rubber protector on the bottom for a normal, classic look. Nice metal/stainless steel finish on the handle.
Jan 18, 2013
Tycoon Cane - Silver [001786]
Excellent look and weight
Jan 10, 2013
Louis M. Cohen, CIC
Mansfield MA
Great quality!
Dec 25, 2012

This cane is awesome!
I feel like I'm rich, and important, and f'ing awesome when I walk around with this cane! It's way higher quality than I expected. I'll probably use it until the day I die (in about 80 years).
Oct 26, 2012
M. Anderson
Lansing MI
High Quality
I wasn't sure what to expect, but this cane is the real deal. It outfitted my look perfectly and actually works as a cane very well. I had no worries about putting my full weight on it at all.
Oct 18, 2012

a simple but stylish cane, the removable stopper is a great feature
Apr 15, 2012
Ewan Anderson
Hobart Ta
Tycoon Cane - Silver
A high quality product. For the price paid, this more than meets my satisfaction in regards to the weight, feel, and look of this product.
Oct 17, 2011
Encinitas CA
Stylish accessory
The cane has a good solid weight and heft. It does not feel like an accessory for show, but like it should be used to walk everywhere, every day.
Jun 8, 2011
I was looking all over the web for a simple walking stick that wasn't too showy but could also be useful in fancier situations. I was about to give up when I found this site. The number of items I want to buy here is astounding and I would certainly blow all my extra cash here if my girlfriend wouldn't flip out on me! The cane was perfect (except for the geriatric style rubber end...but it was simple to remove). I will definitely be back for more!
Nov 2, 2010
San Luis Obispo CA


#3 Rated Cane
Bulldog Cane

 Victorian Mens Canes Ivory Resin Wood |Antique Vintage Old Fashioned Wedding Theatrical Reenacting Costume | Gifts for Him

ITEM 001722




Reviews of this Product

Average Rating: 5.00/5.00 stars from 4 reviews

go dawgs?
i'm in absolute denial about my age, and after a recent hospital stay, I realized that the early morning dog walk might require that I have some backup when going over a curb. I remembered I ordered a cane from historical emporium for my mom, and checked to see what might work for me. since I recently moved back to Georgia, the bulldog seemed like a no-brainer. I'm 6' tall and it's a perfect height and the dog face fits in the palm well. it's sturdy and exceeded my expectations
Aug 21, 2018
savannah ga
After much debate on what to wear for Comic Con this year (I vacillated between investing in a high-end Star Wars costume, the Bandersnatch from Alice in Wonderland, etc), I at last decided to go as a Victorian Doctor and purchased an ENTIRE outfit along with many accessories, all at the VERY last minute, from Historical Emporium. Everything I ordered was in stock (Woot!) and I upgraded the shipping to Next Day Air based on my indecisiveness and my waiting to order 3 days before Comic Con. I placed my order on Sunday night. My order arrived Tuesday! EVERYTHING I ordered was perfectly amazing and of high quality! I was (am!) blown away! AND, to top it all off, Historical Emporium refunded my Next Day Air Shipping ($63!) because I live in Southern California, which is within their 1 day ground shipping zone already. What? Who does that? Holy moly - what a great company, what outstanding service and what amazing products! I'd write more but Comic Con starts in 24 hours and I've got to get ready!
Jul 16, 2013
Temecula CA
Incredible Service
I cannot stress enough how great this company is. Great quality on all of their items. I ordered The Bulldog Cane back on Friday, Nov 9th, and choose the standard shipping, about 10 business days, but it arrived the following Wednesday. Superb. I will definitely be buying more from this website. Keep up the good work.
Nov 26, 2012
Jason P.
Las Vegas NV
I really appreciate the quality of the product. It was as I expected. Nice grip on the handle and very sturdy. My husband needed good support and this product gave him the support he needed. Very stylish and I couldn't ask for a better product to express character. Thank You
Nov 13, 2012
Colette Hayes
Houston TX


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