Step 1


Hang the tie across the back of the neck, with equal length ends. We’ve labeled the ends A and B for clarity.

Step 2


Cross the one side over the other. In this instance, A crosses in front of B.

Step 3


Tie a simple knot, tucking A behind the neck loop. Be sure this is a reasonably snug knot, as its location will determine where the final knot lies.

Step 4


Cross A back over B, pulling B to the other side. The portion of A that’s at the center will be the visible portion of the final knot.

Step 5


Hold B straight down, and pull A back behind B.

Step 6


Take the end of A and feed it back through the loop created in steps 4 and 5. You may need to switch hands.

Step 7


Pull the end of A carefully through the knot.

Step 8


You’re almost done! Carefully pull A and B to get the ends to roughly the same length. You may want to smooth out the front of the knot before pulling it tight.

Step 9


Snug up the knot to your liking. Practice until you can consistently achieve the style of knot you like.