15 years ago, Y2K made news everywhere with fears of global computer meltdowns.  Y2K turned out to be small potatoes, but 100 years earlier there were other concerns in the news, and you can relive them now!

In case you missed it, British Pathé recently loaded their entire library of historical news footage on Youtube, and it’s searchable, sortable, and eminently watchable.  They’ve got newsreels and other programs reaching back to the late 1800’s to the present.  Human interest, celebrities, military history.  Everything from the epic to the mundane.  Here are just a couple of examples:

Gobs and Gobs of great movie footage for inspiration or just awe.  We especially love the “street scenes” where you can see how everyone dressed, what they drove, and how they held themselves.

For the oldest items, do a Youtube search for Pathe 1896 and you’ll see many of the oldest footage.  They’ve also uploaded episodes of their “Time to Remember” program from the 1950’s, which includes older footage but is also a time capsule in itself.

Truly fascinating and inspiring; we really just can’t get enough!

For Extra Credit: Check out the Pathé Vintage Fashions Channel!