004065_01Inverness Coat – Charcoal – I truely love this coat. I have added pockets and reinforced the stitching on the buttons but this is my choice the coat is wonderfull first day i wore it to work i got complaments from six people on my way to work and a random guy in line with me at the grocery wanted to know if id sell it to him. {Nevik, Knoxville, TN}

004575_02Classic Mens Trousers – Khaki Twill – Good match for my Safari Bush Jacket. Lighter weight fabric than I expected but still seem to be good quality. Ordered two sizes larger than modern pants (as usual) and the fit is good. But the next time some Boor makes a comment about my “waders”, he’ll receive a right smart drubbing! {Max, Grant, FL}

005879_02Henderson Trousers – I absolutely LOVE these trousers! The pockets have room for a good number of items and the pants are very comfy, yet extremely stylish. I got quite a few compliments when I first wore them. I just ordered the matching vest for times when I want to be smashing at formal and not so formal events. The sizes I think may run a little big, but that’s fine by me. I can’t wait to show these off at the Philadelphia monster ball as well as the Dancing Ferret 20th anniversary concert. The latter encouraging formal wear. I will be the talk of the town in these trousers as well as the matching vest. {Angelo Americo, Philadelphia, PA}

003323_01Leather Buckle Suspenders – Brown – These, along with the Black Canvas Trousers , were only my second purchase from the Historical Emporium and I am very pleased with the product. I admit that I enjoy them more than the trousers actually. They immediately give the impression of a product that will last forever. Mostly leather, with the lower back portion being thick elastic, they give the wearer a sense of antiquated clothing so strong that they feel so fine walking around in them. Everyone who has seen them on me was stunned by the craftsmanship. I know I was. The brass buckles are what got me the most. The only problem I encountered was expected. They ended up being to large for me, so I had to poke more holes intothem to get a perfect fit, nothing major. Though they aren’t so snappy in ability, they makeup for it many times over in snappy appearance. I am looking forward to my next purchase. {GND.MOFF, Apple Valley, CA}

002195_01Brigade Vest – Black – Dear Historical Emporium Wanted to keep my first purchase simple. So if I was to be disappointed, and if what I had read about some of the vests came true (buttons!), it was not going to be in a major way. I was prepared to make a few modifications myself if necessary. No Need. Far from it. I love this vest. The service was great – surprised how soon it arrived after ordering. I am on the other side of the world at the “bottom” of the planet. Will be definitely ordering more of the same and similar plus other attire and goodies. Being a lover of the Victorian dress sense mixed with Steam Punk sensibilities your site has had me drooling for some time. The vest is perfect for my needs. Glad I took the plunge. {Steve Williams, Battery Point, Australia}

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