Drone Delivery, Old Fashioned Style


Proving that even small retailers can compete with their largest rivals, Historical Emporium announced today that it is launching Bee-Line, a drone delivery program for small shipments.

“Our customers expect the convenience of several shipping options, and we’re delighted to offer Bee-Line to enhance their experience,” said Alicia A., owner and CEO. “We surveyed the competition and saw drone delivery as an emerging trend.  Since we deliver historical accuracy, we knew we needed a solution from 100 years ago.  We found it”

The company’s CFO, Chris A, expanded on her comments.  “As a web company, we originally considered arachnids for the task, but the reliability and performance of the common honeybee drone was the clear favorite during our benchmarking. We continue to be impressed with the swarm’s capabilities.”

“Plus, I’m a lifelong B student, so this just felt like a natural fit,” he added.

Robert and Mike conducting final pre-flight testing
Robert and Mike conducting final pre-flight testing

Several years in the making, Emporium scientists are hard at work putting the final spin on this pioneering shipping mode.

Bee-Line Routing Diagram
Bee-Line Routing Diagram
The Emporium Drone Fleet
The Emporium Drone Fleet

“As with any innovation, there have been lots of surprises,” said Robert C, Lead Scientist with a Ph.B. from BYU. “Weather. Carrying capacity. Pheremones.”

“And for some reason, the bees insisted we change our bar-codes to yellow and black.  We still don’t understand why.”

The program is receiving positive buzz, and early  customers are enthusiastic. “Bee-Line is really sweet!” said Bea Snees, who had a beautiful victorian bonnet delivered as part of the program beta testing.

Initially Bee-Line will be available as just one shipping option, Slightly Above Ground, but will expand to Overnight shipping as soon as union negotiators convince the bees to fly at night.

“Although honeybees have been around for 100 million years, our service launch date is still a few months in the future,” added Mike H, Hive-Minder in Chief.

“We’re still working out the bugs.”

Happy April Fools Day from your friends at Historical Emporium!

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