Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes at Historical Emporium’s photo shoots?

Every spring our buyers search the world over looking for great new products to offer you, our customers.
But, before these products appear on our sites for sale they must go through a photo shoot!

First, we gather all the new items together. . .




and make them presentable.

We all pitch in to help during the photo shoots!

Almost everyone here has an extra job during the photo shoot: photographer, go-getter, model assistant, and even model (3 members of our current staff have posed for our website and several more have been the arms and legs for our accessories).



Then, we round up all the bits and bobs needed to make an outfit pop!




We frequently break to have a laugh!



Once the models have arrived we help them look their best!



Then the real fun begins!
Our models are true professionals and have many “looks” they bring to life.


But in the end, we always get our shot!

006407_Outfit006069---Outfit-2 006026_Outfit006149_0utfit



006408_00 006410_00006233_01  006152_Outfit2














All of these new items will be up on our website soon. Check out our “What’s New?” section for Gentleman and Ladies to purchase as soon as they are available!