005884_01Bonaventure Vest – Black Velvet – None More Black – Spinal Tap references aside – this waistcoat is seriously black. Not so much just ‘black’ as BLACK. It’s so black it even provides contrast against other black clothes. It’s so black that light bends around it. This is a good thing.

Like all of the other Bonaventure waistcoats, the texture of the velvet is is lush, the cut is sharp, the colour is rich and deep, and the internal contrast provided by the bright antiqued buttons and the trim (through texture and sheen) is a strong design feature in and of itself. A highly recommended purchase, and one I wear regularly to work, and casually. It also works as a formal waistcoat, naturally, and is durable as well as attractive. It also has the dual benefit of going with absolutely everything in my wardrobe and immediately raising the tone of anything I wear it with. It is pure class in waistcoat form.

You will not be disappointed with this item, believe me. {Michael, Sydney, AUS}

001561_01Linen Duster – Swashbuckling Duster. Remember the boys in Northfield bank heist? That’s the look I wanted with this swashbuckling duster. Duster was quality material and looks great after I “seasoned” it by hanging in dusty barn for 2 weeks. This duster is cut very generous so it can go over frock coat and still stay true to your size. I washed it first thing in warm water and medium dryer with “zero” shrinkage! The ladies in the Walmart pharmacy can’t get enough of me now!! 5 Woohoo’s for that kind of attention. ;)) Frank, Jesse and Cole would all be proud of this one!! {Rook Branson, West MI}

004823_01Premium Mens Button Spats – Silver Jacquard (One Pair) – Where did you get those spats? The very first time I wore these I was asked, twice, where I had procured them. “I have been looking for spats like those, where ever did you find them?” Indeed, these spats are much nicer than the typical sort of spats you might find. I am quite pleased with them. These spats do not slide around or misbehave the way poorly made spats might. Note that I used the sizing advice and found it to be accurate. Measure your ankle and buy with confidence. {Tore, Plano, TX}

004915_01Fedora – Black – Snappin’ that brim and lookin’ sharp. Finding a good looking, comfortably fitting fedora proved surprisingly hard to do. This fedora fills the bill in excellent fashion (oof!) with a light touch to the forehead and a size that works well. Excellent! {Bert, Sacramento, CA}

001215_01Deluxe Felt Derby – Brown – I was in no way convinced that I was making the right choice, but I purchased the Derby out of necessity, with very little time left before a themed family reunion event. As luck (or search engine intelligence) would have it, the Historical Emporium was within 15 miles of where I live.

The company made every effort to accommodate my need for speed and see that I could pick up the hat at their warehouse location–greatly appreciated. Almost from the moment I donned the Derby the compliments started pouring in from all kinds of people, age 9 to 99. “Awesome hat!” “Great Derby!” “Cool! Where’d you get that?” “Check it out Dad!” I kid you not. I wasn’t looking for compliments–they were looking for me…

I’m honestly not much for that kind of attention, but I found the hat put me in suitable character to enjoy the transformation. And compared to the baseball caps I typically wear, a transformation is exactly what it felt like. Not only did I (and family) have a fantastic evening all around, the Derby felt like its own member of the party. More than just a closet ornament for the occasional party, this is headwear that promises to be a staple of my new style.

Certainly others before me have fallen in love with the quality and style of a bygone era, but I plan for the foreseeable future to launch a campaign to “Bring back the Bowler” and during more than one occasion to lean against a light post as I read a Penny Dreadful–Derby shifted over my brow. Love it! (Can you tell?) {The Thin Man of… Los Gatos, CA}

001718_01Victorian Cutaway Coat – Black – Elegant and Stylish! I own a number of frock coats and morning coats; this one rapidly became my favourite. The cut is superb, and adds a certain air of style and an olde worlde charm that’s very flattering to the wearer.

It’s an elegant looking coat in anyone’s book, uncluttered and spare in its design (and yet still more than a little exotic in our rather mundane modern world of unflattering men’s suits that all look the same), presenting a very trim silhouette, and let’s be honest – who doesn’t love a coat with tails? I was also lucky that the fit was perfect out of the box; and can I recommend trying it out with your best and brightest waistcoats?

Whether worn open or with the button fastened, the contrast of the coat with a little something in silk or velvet in a cheery hue helps to show a little play alongside the cutaway coat’s more sober work or formal lines. Any day I get to wear this coat is a very good day indeed. {Michael, Sydney, AUS}

002975_02Classic Canvas Pant – Walnut – What took me so long……to decide on ditching blue jeans and stepping up to these? I suppose the fact that I am more portly shaped now than 10 years ago. I have 3 pair of these now. Burgundy, olive and brown. My wife simply cuts 5 inches off and hems them up.

These trousers are GREAT. I have them on now, here in the engine room on my ship. Pros and cons: Pros: I can now sit down for extended periods(or even short periods for that matter)with out having to loosen my belt a few notches. This makes breathing so much easier. I can squat down now without ripping a hole in my jeans or blowing out the belt loops. These are tough. Appears to be exactly like the material that Carhart makes their excellent jackets out of. It gets softer with more washings.

The pockets are generous…even has a watch pocket that I use for my earplugs and small flip phone. In the front pockets I can carry a full-size walki-talkie. Cons: Sparks and grinder dust will go down your pants if you have your shirt tucked in. Simply put a light shirt on over the top of your suspenders for those jobs. Other than I got a few giggles at first until the fellas see how much freedom of movement I have now.

When ordering use their listed directions for correct sizing. After showing a few of my shipmates how I can now squat down…they are ordering them also. Newer does not mean better. The way the old timers designed these trousers was very clever. I won’t buy any more blue jeans after wearing these. Cheers! {Steve, South Dakota}

004324_01Western Holster – RH Draw – Plain Brown Leather – Great Stuff, Great Service. After reading all the positive reviews, I figured you were wrighting your own reviews. But after receiving my order by 10am on Tuesday after ordering it on the previous sat. And it being of much higher quality than anyone would expect in that price range. Your reviews are well deserved. I should add that your customer service is excellent as well. I called prior to placing my order and had all of my questions answered thoroughly. Thank you. I look forward to being a long time customer. . {Kenneth Flynn, Calistoga, CA}

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