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pictureFWLABT7I8CVVZ48.MEDIUMOur very own Historical Emporium Mastermind and Mad Scientist, Chris, is ready, with his latest creation: The Steampunk Adjustable Tint Goggles

 He took a pair of our Screw Ring Goggles and modified them with a set of polarized lenses allowing for a lens which goes from clear to dark with just a twist.





Of course he used one of his brand new toys: a 3-D printer, to complete this design. But don’t let the lack of equipment keep your creative mind down.

One commenter on Chris’ walk-through, Badideasrus, suggested that perhaps a similar design could be made using other materials when a 3-D printer is not available.

More images, along with a full build walk-through is loaded up on his Instructables page, here: Steampunk Adjustable Tint Goggles

The editors of Instructables also decided to feature his design on the Instructables home page. Make sure you check it out!

Got some ideas of your own?  Get out there and create your own mad science, and join the Maker Movement!

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