Congratulations to our winners, Liz and Alan Keirs, pictured here wearing the Emerald Middlethorpe Vest, Viceroy Dress Shirt, Black Paisley Ascot, Patterson Brushed Cotton Frock Coat, Emerald Gold Faceted Tie Tack, Victorian Top Hat, Odessa Skirt, Burgundy Veronica Frock Coat, Black Louisa Blouse, and Edwardian Hoop Underskirt all from the Historical Emporium.

At our little family Christmas lunch in Canberra, Australia. I bought the outfits for my husband (Alan) and myself as Christmas presents to bring some much-needed cheer after a challenging year for all. We told our 11 year-old daughter (Ruby) that we all had to ‘dress up nicely’ for Christmas lunch, even though it would just be the three of us at home. She didn’t realise how serious we were and I wish I’d captured her expression when she saw her parents in all our steampunk finery. It definitely made for a more fun & memorable lunch (and I got to practice my ‘severe governess’ face for the selfie photo). Now Ruby is jealous and is keen to put her own female Sherlock Holmes outfit together (her favourite detective!).
Many thanks,
Liz Keirs

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