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Larson Pickerell, Ranger

Leaving his life as a lawless highwayman from the American Wild West, Larson Pickerell packed up his few worldly belongings and stowed away on a cargo ship heading Down Under. At his side was his most prized possession, a Sharps Buffalo Rifle that was purchased for a song with ill-gotten gains from his last coach robbery. But that was his last bit of delinquency. After all, he made a promise to his mama in his letters home to turn his attention from collecting ill gotten booty in bank heists and stagecoach robberies to more lawful commerce.

Without a horse, Pickerell knew he'd be 'waltzing Matilda' once he arrived in the outback of Australia. Thatís when his rifle and quick-draw gun skills could come in handy, one never knew when a rabid dingo or, for that matter, rabid bushranger, would be gnashing teeth his way. Neither ever did and so Pickerell set up camp just beyond the mythical Black Stump and lived off the land, peacefully ever after.

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