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Tara Foster, Adventuress and Treasure Seeker

Raised by her father at the far edges of the British Empire, Tara Foster has never followed the genteel footpath of a Victorian young lady. Without a mother to teach her domestic arts, Tara instead climbed (and hiked) her way to success in the great outdoors. At the tender age of twelve, Tara thanked her tutor for the years of training, then abandoned her studies to join in the “family business” full-time with a glint in her eye.

From the turquoise waters of the West Indies to the frozen tundra of the Arctic, Tara has traversed nearly every corner of the word and speaks seven languages. Despite her gender she is a force to be reckoned with and always manages to be a step ahead of her treasure hunting competition. Due to her excellent negotiating skills and general good luck, she recently acquired a secret diary penned by Marco Polo which is purported to contain clues to the location of Kubla Khan’s fabled gold train. Rumors are rife as to the possible location of the treasure, but despite the theories of other renowned scholars, Tara is currently trekking the Himalayas and expects to return with the valuable antiquity within a year.

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