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Royce Bentley Stanwyck III, Bon Vivant

Royce Stanwyck of Suffolk is a charismatic gentleman who allows no delicacy of the senses to remain un-indulged.

Fine food, endless drink, frivolous gambling and beautiful women; there isnít a pleasure this bon vivant hasnít exploited time and time again in an effort to make life more colorful. Despite the seeming insensibility of pandering to these passions to the exclusion of more practical endeavors, Stanwyck has the benefit of his familyís vast fortune

While Mumsy and Pops wait for him to choose an honorable profession (and frankly start earning his own way), he chases down every diversion in town. Against building borders around his finances and freedom, Stanwyck speaks, dresses, and behaves to be the center of attention wherever he pleases. His intemperate, impulsive and self-interested ways should be enough to repel any self-respecting lady; yet heís endlessly blessed with a silver-tongue and sparkling smile that makes them swoon.

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