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The 10 Best Steampunk Coats

At Historical Emporium, we have been selling authentic period clothing since 2003, with thousands of satisfied customers around the world.

We have sold hundreds of steampunk coats, and we listen closely to customer feedback to make sure we're delivering on the promise of unique, authentic clothing, world class service, and great prices.

We survey every customer to gauge their opinion of the products they bought, and put together this list of the top-ranked steampunk coats in our store.

Shop with confidence, knowing that these terrific steampunk coats have been tested and endorsed by our other customers, and that you will receive five star service along with a great value!


#1 Rated Steampunk Coat
Sable Brushed Cotton Frock Coat

 Victorian Old West Steampunk Mens Coats Brown Cotton Solid Frock Matched Separates |Antique Vintage Fashioned Wedding Theatrical Reenacting Costume |

ITEM 004802




Reviews of this Product

Average Rating: 4.69/5.00 stars from 16 reviews

Their costumes are always high quality
The pants run a little tight in the waist and thighs, so I order the next size up since they have no stretch. They are not hemmed to allow for all heights.
Oct 1, 2021
N Sanders

Six stars
This coat is insane. All of the reviews are real. How is this $150? Extremely high quality. Everyone will treat you differently. Buy this coat and become a god amongst men.
Jan 11, 2020
CJ Namenstuff
Death Valley Ca
Sable Frock Ciat
Great fit top quality and timely shipment. I enjoy purchasing from your company.
Oct 31, 2019
Sam Winkler
Roanoke VA
Fantastic coat great fit.
Aug 23, 2019
Wichita KS
I love this coat
Oct 11, 2018

Wonderful coat
This is one extremely well made coat and the brushed twill feels heavy enough for some abuse but is super soft from being brushed, I've even had a drunk seamstress rub her face on it (it was super weird). Plenty warm for fall and will be used for laying in winter, may be a bit much for summer. It does have somewhat of a greenish hue under incandescents, but brown under the sun and regular lights. True to size; I'm a size 42 on tape and in my regular suits, so I ordered the same, and it fits perfectly.
Oct 5, 2018
Sable Frock Coat
Nice chocolate brown color, deep pockets, and good construction right down to the button holes. Soft cotton fabric with enough bulk to stay warm even on chilly autumn mornings.
Sep 30, 2018
Herndon Vi
Is two Numbers to big
Is a good thing but i can't wearing them it is two numbers to big. :-( But i have take the size with your instruction. resend is not a option is to expensive from swiss to usa. that's a shame.
Mar 1, 2018

Better than I expected!
Great coat, great look. Lots of compliments. Heavier material and better construction than I expected. A welcome cold weather companion.
Dec 7, 2017
Nice coat!
I like this coat, I wanted one for a steampunk outfit and this fits the bill nicely. I have one small criticism and that's why I didn't give it five stars. It has no hip pockets. This may be because of historical styling, but I do find it a bit of a drawback what with car keys and the like. Still, it's a great coat and I love wearing it. The sizing is good (I did take note of the issue with US sizing since I'm in the UK) and it fits really well, looks good too.
Aug 25, 2017
Geoff King
Winscombe So
Sable Brushed Cotton Frock Coat
The size 44 is narrower than my workware jackets of the same size. An incentive to lose weight is a good thing.
Aug 17, 2017
Doug B.
Sterling VA
Literally can wear this to work!
I placed my order, ordered 2 sizes bigger than my normal waste, they are slightly big, but I didn't want the tight look.... so perfect for me. I could totally see how some customers would only want to order 1 size larger though, if they wanted the pants to fit near perfect. My order shipped the next day!!!!!! I ordered a bunch of other stuff too, and the whole order shipped the next day! Sure, I grabbed items that the website said they had in stock, but still, great turn around! I bought the pants that go with this jacket as well, and I have to tell you.... I could wear this suit to work on a daily basis and it will hold up the same or better than a normal suit you'd buy at a men's store. I have zero things to say that are bad about this jacket. The longer length is classic. Makes me look like I'm a little more important than the guy w/ only a standard length jacket.....
May 11, 2017
Hal Jordan
St. Paul MN
Too small
I ordered as advised an jacket was too small. Next size up was out of stock so will have to wait a while longer. Fabric is pretty heavy, so not a warm weather jacket.
Sep 15, 2016

Hell yes.
This thing is the bomb. Pure and simple.
Nov 6, 2015

I love how this fit perfectly on my 14 year old son. If he were an adult I would caution that the coat runs slim and small. Otherwise the quality is great!
Oct 24, 2015
Palm Bay Fl


#2 Rated Steampunk Coat
Davenport Frock Coat - Brown with Black Velvet

 Victorian Old West Steampunk Mens Coats Brown Wool Velvet Solid Frock |Antique Vintage Fashioned Wedding Theatrical Reenacting Costume |

ITEM 004974




Reviews of this Product

Average Rating: 4.50/5.00 stars from 8 reviews

Decadent and still classy
It's difficult to strike the balance between extravagant and appropriate; something you could wear to a party or a formal occasion, and at first I was suspicious about the brown with black velvety accents as being too much one or the other, but I took a chance, and am very pleased with the results. This coat is like no other I've seen, and reminds me of the sort of things seen in bicentennial portraiture. It still has the traditional true-frock cut (e.g. the lower panel is a separate piece of fabric), yet remains both striking and and distinctive. A light all-wool shell makes it functional too. Despite being wool, this is not intended as an especially warm coat, so it could be worn most any time of year.
Nov 25, 2021

Davenport coat
A very smart coat with its velvet collar perfect country gentleman comes to town
Sep 11, 2020
Hobart Ta
Frock Coat
OMG that coat made my son-in-law soooo happy. He looks fantastic in it and the black velvet lapels are wonderful. The wool weight is perfect for Nevada's weather. It was a fantastic Birthday gift.
Apr 6, 2018
Las Vegas NV
Great style
I love the look of this coat with its velvet trim and vintage cut. I'm not thrilled with the fabric itself, it's labelled as wool but the fabric is a very loose weave with a felt-like appearance and cheap feel. It's nice enough to keep, though. I'd love to see this trim style with different fabric.
Nov 16, 2017
Love it!
I really appreciate this coat. The lighter weight is excellent in slightly warmer weather! It hangs well. I would note that this coat has shoulder pads, so those ordering should be aware of that.
Jan 26, 2017

Davenport Frock Coat
The fabric seemed a bit lightweight for a frock coat and for the price. If/when I make one I will choose a slightly heavier weight fabric. I purchase these items as costume pieces (investment in my stock) and I plan to use them for shows more than once.
Nov 12, 2015
John P.
El Paso TX
Great Frock Coat
I especially like this coat. The black velvet lapels and collars that contrasted with the color of the coat itself was exactly what I was looking for. It's also not too thick, so it could even be worn in milder weather. Overall, this coat is perfect for a gentleman's leisurely walk in the park or to a Charles Dickens-themed festival, steampunk, etc.
May 23, 2014
Pensacola FL
Davenport Frock
This is a nice piece. At first i thought it was a little on the light side as far as the materials go, but being lighter allows it to be warn it warmer weather. The fit was perfect and it looks good in a photograph! Being a photographer this is important to me. I would recommend this item for anyone who wants to look like a riverboat gambler!
Apr 11, 2014
Mad Ron
Providence RI


#3 Rated Steampunk Coat
Mad Scientist Howie Lab Coat - Red

 Victorian Steampunk Mens Coats Red Cotton Solid Lab |Antique Vintage Old Fashioned Wedding Theatrical Reenacting Costume | Mad Scientist Gifts for Him

ITEM 004617




Reviews of this Product

Average Rating: 4.93/5.00 stars from 28 reviews

Good fit, feels like it will last for years.
Worked great for Halloween. Fits true to size. Material is nice and thick, nice buttons, high quality all around.
Nov 13, 2021
Brookfield IL
This is vibrant and well made! Was worth the money.
Oct 18, 2018

At last I will rule the world!
I have bought three of these for myself and my kids. They do run a little small I feel. Weight and color are perfect
Aug 15, 2018
professor Enigma
Westminster Co
Dr. Horrible Wanna Be!
My chemistry students loved me in this lab coat! One of the school colors was red and this made a really bold statement!
Jul 6, 2018
Jim S

Mad Scientist coat in red
I am very pleased with the quality of this coat. The cotton fabric is very substantial without being bulky or uncomfortable. It is well constructed and I know I will be able to wear it for many years. The only thing I would change is the number of button holes on the adjustable tabs on the back of the coat. There are two buttons but only one button hole. I would love to see 3 or 4 button holes to allow for more adjustments. I ordered the 3XL and it is very roomy which I like, and again I would like the ability to have more adjustments to the back. I paired this with a red top hat, black gloves and a glowing jar around my neck. I got so many compliments at the Edwardian themed party I attended. Red always makes a statement.
Jan 26, 2018
Tenino WA
Perfect Fit
For only needing this as a costume it kept me warm while running around. I went with a size larger than recommended and it fits me perfectly. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to do a Dr. Horrible cosplay or even a mad scientist costume.
Nov 6, 2017
Grand Junction co
Excellent coat
No problems with it and it delivered on time.
Nov 3, 2017
Good Quality
This is a real garment, not a cheap costume. It buttons up all the way and the size and sleeves fit just right. The red color is great.
Oct 26, 2017
Dr. Decapo
Las Vegas Ne
Look Fantastic
This does look great, but please note it is quite warm if you plan to wear it indoors, you need to watch you do not get overheated since it does button up to the neck.
Oct 2, 2017
Dallas Te
The labcoat is incredible. I know it will be able to take a lot of abuse and last. I cant wait to get another one in black, which is what I originally wanted. However, the red is an amazing color and i am glad i got it.
Nov 10, 2016
Bedfoef TX
I love it
Great quality, great look. I can't wait to use it.
Sep 8, 2016

Mandrian collar Lab coat
It is hard to tell the quality with just a picture but this item is indeed well made, I am a big guy so I ordered the XL/2XL and when I received it and trued it on it fit perfectly. The material is a nice weight not light like some cheaper versions very durable. It was a little more then I wanted to pay but it is worth the price, I am very happy with this item
Nov 12, 2015
Seattle WA
Great item!
I ordered this for myself for a dr horrible costume. Since I am a 5'8 female this came to the floor. I had to make some alterations to make it work for my needs. The quality is great, decent fabric. Not thin and flimsy at all. I'd recommend this item to anyone looking for a lab coat to use for any reason!
Oct 29, 2015

the best
thank you so much.... everything is such high quality.... i recommend this site for all costume play and just plane old amazing formal ware ..... stand out out your next party .... and this particular item is very well made with high quality fabric and fits amazing ..... thank you for all your amazing stuff
Oct 24, 2015
Easton PA
Dr. Horrible Cosplay
I purchased this for myself for a Dr. Horrible cosplay. It fit a bit bigger than expected, but I am a female instead of male. Nothing a little sewing can't fix. I wore this at Alamo City Comic Con with a tank top and shorts underneath, since it was long enough you didn't need to see the pants and was quite comfortable.
Sep 16, 2015
Houston Te


#4 Rated Steampunk Coat
Madeline Inverness Coat - Black

 Victorian Steampunk Ladies Coats Black Wool Blend Cloaks Inverness Ulster |Antique Vintage Old Fashioned Wedding Theatrical Reenacting Costume |

ITEM 006723




Reviews of this Product

Average Rating: 4.57/5.00 stars from 7 reviews

Great Coat!
This coat has a ton of style! Relatively lightweight- good for California winters. The sizing is SUPER helpful- normally i wear a MED but due to the chart and the tailored style, i sized up to be more comfortable with modern clothing, and it is GREAT! If i could change ONE thing, it'd be the buttons- they are domed and solid plastic. I understand thpugh- this coat has A LOT of buttons. I will be replacing with flat metal ones to match my style.
Jan 27, 2021
Kelli Doyle
San Jose CA
An Amazing Coat
The workmanship of this coat is amazing. It is stunning! But best of all, the customer support was fabulous. I bought this coat for my wife, and while ordering a size bigger than she told me she was, the coat was still too small for her. I called and was presently surprised by the customer service. I was able to return the coat for the right size, (2 sizes up!).
Aug 9, 2020
Ballston Spa NY
Well Made!
This is a extremely well made coat. Good for mildly chilly weather, its a great Fall and costume coat. Only wished they made it bigger like the frock coats.
Oct 29, 2019
Chesterbrook Pe
Lovely coat
Excellently put together. The seams are clean and the material is quality. I wore it out to the mall and got countless compliments. The fit was perfect. Just follow the size chart. There are decorative buttons on the shoulders that I didn't love, but they were easy to remove with some scissors (no damage done to the coat. Just pull the extra thread it leaves behind and they come right out without leaving a hole)
Aug 28, 2019
Red Deer AB
Would have been nice if all sizes were available.
Nov 8, 2017
Terrebonne Or
Inverness Coat
I absolutely love this coat, however, it is either cut very small or I have gained a bit of weight, as it is too small and I was unable to wear it to the event I planned to attend. Unfortunately, I cannot return it because it arrived quite wrinkled and I had to have it cleaned. So, I am hoping that somehow I will lose enough weight to fit into it soon.
Nov 2, 2017
Claremont CA
Pure class
I really love the coat. I wish it were a little thicker for the winter months but for fall and weather up to about 40 degrees, it should be perfect. Love the button detail and the way it stands out. Subtle Victorian beauty!!! I am so glad I took the large. I am not big, but I do have wider shoulders and the size Large is good. I wish things were made with the wider shoulder for us who have them. The large is good, however about an inch on either side more, would have been even better. No worries, its worth it...
Oct 19, 2017
Carteret Ne


#5 Rated Steampunk Coat
Mad Scientist Howie Lab Coat - Brown

 Victorian Steampunk Mens Coats Brown Cotton Solid Lab |Antique Vintage Old Fashioned Wedding Theatrical Reenacting Costume | Mad Scientist

ITEM 005030




Reviews of this Product

Average Rating: 4.55/5.00 stars from 11 reviews

Amazing product
I ordered this for a performance I was doing for our local theater and absolutely loved it. Excellent quality! Highly recommend Historical Emporium.
Nov 17, 2021
Sheridan Wy
Howie Lab Coat
Great looking coat and the quality of it is excellent,really looking forward to wearing it to my local Night club
Oct 9, 2019
Jonny Suede
The Mad Doctor is IN
It is always nice to find "exotic" costumes that fit the typically larger American. Not only that, but it is not a cheap looking lab coat. It wears well, and seems to be professionally built. Comfortably thin, but not THAT thin. This is not a cheaply made costume. The Mad Doctor is IN!
May 2, 2017
Mac Buddha

Gotta Love it
Dec 26, 2015
Highland Park MI
There's always a risk involved when ordering stuff online, and even if the item description isn't totally misleading, it still doesn't give a good idea of what you're actually ordering. Basically, you get a (brown in my case) lab coat made of cotton. However, the material is somewhat thin and drapes the body more like an hospital gown than an actual coat. The picture used to depict the product is, to my eye, somewhat misleading as the material appears to be sturdy like if it was thick cotton. I'm actually comparing the picture and my coat and they don't look the same. I was planning to use this coat for a mad scientist costume but I'll need to add an apron or some kind of accessory if I don't want to look too ridiculous (i.e. like an hospital patient with a brown gown and weird goggles). Consequently, the $75 price tag is pricey for what you get. I must say though that shipping was pretty fast and Historical Emporium customer service was impeccable. In the end, my 2 stars rating is based on this: -1 star for the misleading picture, -1 star for the hefty price (for what you actually get) and -1 star for the cheap material.
Aug 11, 2014

Great coat
Well made, sizing was good, nice fit and finish, heavy cotton similar to demim weight so should be pretty durable, would have been nice if it was lined, but I suppose that would cost more. Only reason did not give 5 stars is the adjuster strap in the back, it seems to have been added in as more of an afterthought, kinda basic.
May 16, 2014

Great coat. Perfect for all sorts of events and dress up parties. A great fit and durable. May buy another one in black.
May 6, 2014
San Diego Ca
Mad Scientist Howie Lab Coat
My grandson and I ordered this and he was thrilled with it. It is exactly what he wanted.
Jan 27, 2014
grandma g
eudora ks
Great Coat!!
I purchased this coat for a Plague Doctor costume that I put together, The coat is a little on the slim side but worked out great for me, I am 6ft 195lbs. I waxed the canvas to give it a stiff and aged look with melted paraffin and beeswax. I really like this coat and can't wait to find another excuse to use it.
Nov 8, 2013
Detroit MI
Great look
This garment has a great look to it. The fabric is light and breathable. The sizing was spot on. The buttons are a litle difficult to use without a mirror, due to location. The lab coat has no pockets. Perhaps that is by design, and historically accurate. Still, I would prefer it to have two side pockets (not front pockets). It opens at the waist easily enough to allow access to any pants pockets worn underneath. The sleeves are quite large. When paired with large gloves or gauntlets, they are manageable. Without gauntlets, the sleeves get in the way when trying to do just about everything (unless you have long arms). Overall, this is a great purchase.
Nov 1, 2013
Chicago Il
It's Alive!!!
We have a Halloween event for employees and their families every year. This year needed a spectacular Dr Frankenstein. This lab coat made it just that - spectacular! So much better than the other junk you find out there. The quality is fantastic! The look is perfect! Sizing is a bit tough to fit everyone, but works just fine for me although a little snug in the middle (probably my problem more than the item). Better suited for the mad scientist who gets to the gym regularly, instead of staying at the lab doing research. So if you keep ahead of the monsters by jogging - perfect!
Oct 25, 2013
Orlando FL


#6 Rated Steampunk Coat
Classic Cotton Duster - Natural

 Victorian Old West Steampunk Mens Coats Ivory Cotton Solid Dusters |Antique Vintage Fashioned Wedding Theatrical Reenacting Costume | Adventurer Motorist

ITEM 001561




Reviews of this Product

Average Rating: 4.83/5.00 stars from 46 reviews

This nice well made duster
Aug 10, 2021
Vito Randazzo
Alpine Ca
Awesome and Comfortable
Works great for keeping the grime from public transportation off my clothes and very comfortable.
Jul 21, 2021

Surprisingly cool in the heat
Jul 1, 2021
Chandler AZ
Apr 16, 2020
Elijah Orum Young Jr
Monroe LA
Love it
Great quality product at a good price, fast shipping.
Dec 11, 2019
Duster not smock
I am rating this 4 stars only because it's heavier than the smock I was looking for. Otherwise, if you ride in a lot of buckboards, its a great canvas duster.
Apr 18, 2019
Atlanta GA
Nice coat
I needed these for a theatre production calling for red, white and blue trench coats. I chose these since the twill material would be the easiest to paint and they were a good price. My only 'eh' was that they are not really white, but more of a dull cream color. But it's a nice, well-made coat with weight without being heavy.
Nov 1, 2018
Victoria TX
back in the old west
great item and fits great, perfect in a bi-plane or model t
Apr 25, 2018
cleveland hts OH
Duster coat quality
Quality product ,superb detail and finish.. almost as if I,d clicked my heels and gone back to a Kansas Tailors in the 1800s
Dec 26, 2017

Perfect Duster!
WOW! What a great Duster! Wonderful quality! We do vintage car tours and having a duster is a necessity as the cars are open and can be 'messy'. This duster is very well made of heavy cotton. After a week of touring (and getting it dirty) it washed very well.
Jul 3, 2017
Lansing NY
Nice looking
Great look, love it!
Oct 19, 2016

Cotton Duster
Well made cotton duster at a very good price. Excellent customer service and fast delivery time. Very happy with the whole transaction. Thank you, Historical Emporium!
Aug 1, 2016
John Frazier
Powhatan Vi
The garment is a good style and well made. It fits well and should prove to be an important piece of costuming. I have only one negative thing to say. I am disappointed in the weight of the fabric. The description said 'linen', which I think of as lightweight and with a somewhat open weave. I bought this garment with the expectation of wearing it during Texas summers, but I believe it will be useful only in the moderate temperature months. Typical summers in Texas average 95 degrees all afternoon and I think this duster will be uncomfortable. The duster is 100% cotton, but it is more of a lightweight canvas than linen. Editor: The reviewer is correct, the item is now made of cotton, not linen. We apologize for the inconvenience.
May 14, 2016
Houston TX
keeps thedust off
Jul 23, 2015
B. Ross
San Jose CA
Great coat
Brilliant coat. Nice colour, material, and look. Well made too.
Jul 10, 2015
Fran C
Worcester Wo


#7 Rated Steampunk Coat
Velvet Tailcoat - Emerald Green

 Victorian Steampunk Ladies Coats Green Velvet Tail |Antique Vintage Old Fashioned Wedding Theatrical Reenacting Costume |

ITEM 007190




Reviews of this Product

Average Rating: 4.33/5.00 stars from 3 reviews

Love the Style
Dec 12, 2019
Karen McAfee
Rio Vista CA
Jacket is nice and seems well made - but the fit is "off" a bit. Sleeves are very snug even in a larger size.
Oct 24, 2019

Beautifully made and top craftsmanship, however way WAY too small. Did not fit the designated bust size, arms or waist. Would absolutely love to have the coat!!! It was beautiful!!!!
Jun 17, 2018
Crazy Aunt
Nevada Mi


#8 Rated Steampunk Coat
Velvet Tailcoat - Black

 Victorian Steampunk Ladies Coats Black Velvet Solid Tail |Antique Vintage Old Fashioned Wedding Theatrical Reenacting Costume |

ITEM 003355




Reviews of this Product

Average Rating: 4.56/5.00 stars from 36 reviews

Velvet Tailcoat
Absolutely beautifully made coat, looks even better in person!
Apr 27, 2017
Las Vegas NV
I ordered the Vivien Fishtail Skirt (Gray), Velvet Tailcoat, and Marcus Regency Shirt with Removable Jabot - White. I was looking for a formal outfit for an awards show, which was out of the ordinary, and these 3 items were perfect! When I dress formally, I lean towards metro-sexual, so this long skirt with this shirt and velvet jacket was both sexy and metro. I received many "amazing" "fabulous" "gorgeous" compliments from others at the show. I ordered all 3 on a two-day shipping, and in fact received my items two days after I ordered online, which is the first time I have ever received items within 2 days. Sizing was correct to the size chart. I am going to wear this jacket more often.
Feb 16, 2017

Fit Issues
I think the coat seemed nice, except I could not actually get it on because the sleeves were extremely small compared to the rest of the garment. I called into Customer Service - which was EXCELLENT - they went into the warehouse and measured different sizes for me only to determine that the sleeves only got bigger by 1/2 inch total even though we looked at every size available, including the very largest size available, even a 3X. Additionally, the jacket arrived with a very strange smell, but I presume that came from the manufacturer.
Oct 4, 2016
Velvet Tailcoat
This tailcoat is so gorgeous I'll wear it to many occasions. Just make sure to carefully read the label, it 100% polyester. If it was made from velveteen with satin lining I would given it 5 stars.
Jan 11, 2015
Ms. Tiggywinkle

Velvet Tailcoat
I was very Happy with the quality and look of this Coat. The size chart said to go up one size when ordering and I'm glad I did. The coat does run one size smaller. This coat is a brush velveteen look and I am using this coat for a Steampunk Vampire look. You will be Happy if you purchase this Coat from the Historical Emporium. This is my second purchase threw this site and have been happy with both products.
Oct 24, 2014
Puyallup WA
A favorite
Along with the black touring hat, this was my favorite purchase. It does run small, but looks really really good and can also be worn for contemporary events. Great quality. I couldn't be happier.
May 30, 2014
Jennifer P

Our museum did an old west themed murder mystery and this coat was awesome !! Very big Hit !! Well made !!! My girlfriend looked fantastic in it !!
May 30, 2014
Macon Ga
Blown Away
I couldn't believe how well made this garment was for the low price I paid. It's fully lined and the construction is solid. I was lucky enough to have it be a perfect fit for me, and my ruffle necked and cuffed blouse was a perfect coordinate for this elegant piece.
May 19, 2014
Calgary AB
Velvet Tailcoat
I LuV my Velvet Tailcoat ! I am rather slim & tall, I think. My kids call me little. I know I have broad shoulders. I ordered a Large according 2 the size chart associated with this coat. 2 accomodate my shoulders. ah ha ha & cool I usually wear a Small. Now I have this gorgeous tailcoat that sits nice on my shoulders. I have had 2 move the waist button. Simple procedure 4 this coat. 4 all those so inclined 2 this style enjoy !
May 12, 2014
Cindy Mertins
Ferintosh AB
This Velvet Tailcoat is very nicely made and the fabric is wonderful. The sizing is a bit off tho, I purchased an 18 which is for a 46" bust, I am a 44" and this was tight on me. I reluctantly had to return it as I knew I wouldn't wear something that was uncomfortable. This coat would be perfect with any Steampunk or Victorian outfit. I have bought from Historical Emporium before and I will again.
Mar 28, 2014
Amazing Quality
I think I was expecting a halloween-type jacket that looks good but had a limited shelf-life for use. The quality of this coat is outstanding! The fit is perfect and this coat is more than a costume. It's a heirloom.
Nov 15, 2013
velvet tail coat
Beautifully made just like the picture..........
Nov 2, 2013
Cedarhurst NY
Kick ass!
Look at this jacket! The fabric and design are incredible. I would have paid 4 times more easily.
Nov 1, 2013
London On
Love it!!!
This coat is even prettier in person .. The style is fabulous & fits perfect ! Worth every penny ! :-)
Oct 18, 2013
Davis Sara
Jax FL
Sizing needs fixin
I orded this jacket with the other reviews I read in mind. Everyone said that they found it fit smaller then what the sizing chart said, so best to order a size bigger then you would. When I received the item I was extremely surprised to find that it fit into a small USPS box that weighed no more then a feather. Actually when we received it we thought it was my boyfriends feathered wings for his costume. Much to my surprise it was actually the jacket. It is quite a beautiful jacket, very thin, so not what I was expecting. I put it on and could not believe how small it fit. I went off the sizing chart provided then went up a size and it was still too small. I'm not a skinny minnie by any means but I'm not on the flip side either...I'm average. When I held it up for my boyfriend to check out he asked me if they sent me a Small by mistake. I really do think that your sizing needs to be looked at especially since every review has made the same comment. I ordered an XL and it was by no means and XL. Unfortunately due to time constraints and my ego I have to return the item for a full refund. Hopefully down the road I'll be able to retry this with better results.
Oct 4, 2013
Mission BC


#9 Rated Steampunk Coat
Coburn Great Coat - Gray Wool

 Victorian Old West Steampunk Mens Coats Gray Wool Velvet Solid Cloaks Overcoats Ulster |Antique Vintage Fashioned Wedding Theatrical Reenacting Costume |

ITEM 003619




Reviews of this Product

Average Rating: 4.65/5.00 stars from 17 reviews

The Great Coat is "Great Looking"
This is an excellent coat. It fits well and is quite the looker. I got great compliments. If you are looking to stand out in an extremely elegantly fashionable way, this coat is for you!
Nov 14, 2020
Star B
Albany NY
Great Coat
Oct 4, 2019
Webb City MO
Great Coat
Oct 3, 2019
Webb City MO
Gorgeous & warm
So this came in the mail last week, and it fit as predicted - is a bit large so it can be worn over another jacket, allowing another decent layer of warmth beyond just the coat itself. Nice material, and nicely designed cuts! Only main complaint so far (after having only worn it functionally once) is that the lining is the wrong sort of material - you have to bunch up the sleeves of the undercoat or shirt before putting your arms through the sleeves - otherwise, fabric-to-fabric friction pushes your sleeves up inside the arms of this coat and it's hard to pull them back over your arms. It really should have a silky or satin-like lining to allow it to glide over other clothes.
Nov 20, 2018
Harrogate Yo
A In Depth Review
I love this coat. I been wanting one for years. And although it isn't everything I was hoping for, it still passed with flying colors. The outer shell is real wool but it's a woven wool, so it does feel thin. Not a bad thing, still keeps you warm just something that isn't in the description. The sleeve cuffs do roll down like they should. The Buttonholes are a bit tight when buttoning it. The cotton sleeve lining does stick when taking the coat off. But all that isn't so bad, the worse thing about the coat are the front pockets. For a size 42 the pocket width is 4 inches. I can only fit up to my knuckles. But the pocket flap are wider and the pockets do have enough material to be widen to 5 inches max. So with a little work or take it to a taylor, the pockets can be widened and would be unnoticeable. Overall, this coat is a great buy. Where else would you find one like it. (Other than Civil War ones). The "problems" with the coat are minor. They don't interfere with its job. You still keep warm, still can button it, and still can take it on & off fine even with the cotton lining. The only real problem it has are the front pockets being too small. Other than that it's a beautiful looking coat and is perfect for reenacting and/or everyday use.
Sep 21, 2017
J Klein
Sewell NJ
really nice coat. Perfect fit fine Construction. Very warm, gets lots of looks and compliments.
Nov 3, 2016

Sherlock Coat
The fit was perfect and my husband loved it. He said it was exactly what he was looking for.
Jul 8, 2016
Park Forest Il
Coburn Coat
I really like the coat, but I did have issue with the ease of sliding it on as a reviewer pointed when I was looking at reviews. A slicker sleeve liner would be helpful. I knew of this issue when I bought it and bought it anyway. I took it to a conference and received many compliments from many people. It was not a period group, but many loved it. Overall, I am glad that I have it and can live with the sleeve thing.
Dec 9, 2015
Bakersfield CA
Great "Great Coat"
I only give it 4 stars instead of 5 because I think it could easily be improved. It's really difficult to get on over most other clothes/coats, due to the muslin used for sleeve lining - changing the sleeve lining to nylon, satin, or anything else "slick" would make a good coat great; The button holes aren't quite big enough, and it's a real bear to get the buttons done or undone - maybe I can find buttons that are just barely smaller; It could be improved if the interior and two exterior pockets were deeper (and wider for the two outside ones) - they'd be a lot more more useful; A nice upgrade would be to change the collar and pocket flap trim from (moleskin?) to velvet or velveteen. Overall, still a really nice coat for the price, and a great fit - I'm going to enjoy wearing it over my wool frock coat in the Winter. Delivered really fast, too - thanks!
Dec 13, 2014
Rich Zellich
Fenton MO
Beautiful piece
Super high quality. Also, extremely warm.
Nov 5, 2014
Coburn Great coat
Coat was even more thin I though it would be very good. Would love to send picture it look good on me and sure it would on anyone.
Apr 11, 2014
Nice and warm coat. Easy to wear and looks good.
Mar 21, 2014

Great coat
I found the fabric weight to be a little lighter than expected and the sleeves fit a bit tighter over the frockcoat than I'd like, but the construction and styling are perfect!
Feb 3, 2014
Northfield MN
Truely authentic
Very pleased with this product. The quality appears exceptional, makes you feel like you have shared in the making of history.
Nov 1, 2013
El Paso TX
Sizing a bit off. Shoulder width great as normal sizing, but waist and torso is lartge causing the cape and back not to hang properly. Lining could be a little higher grade, as sheds some on clothing under coat. Great design and good weight of wool material.
Dec 17, 2012


#10 Rated Steampunk Coat
Mad Scientist Howie Lab Coat - White

 Victorian Steampunk Mens Coats White Cotton Solid Lab |Antique Vintage Old Fashioned Wedding Theatrical Reenacting Costume | Frankenstein Mad Scientist Gifts for Him

ITEM 004477




Reviews of this Product

Average Rating: 4.85/5.00 stars from 107 reviews

nicely done. great quality
Sep 2, 2021

Mad scientist
Costume for the home lab.
Apr 12, 2021

As represented
Feels & looks very authentic. The only reason it didn't get 5 stars is there was no outside pocket. But they didn't say that it would have one and the picture clearly shows no pocket.
Apr 8, 2021
San Diego Ca
I was worried that the (small size) bad boy wasn't going to fit, seeing as how I am a 5'4" teenage girl. HOWEVER! It went to just about my ankles/wrists, which is SPECTACULAR. The adjustment strap on the back was a huge plus, too. The fabric is thick, heavy, and comfortable and the buttons and collar are sturdy. It even flows in the wind in the right conditions! It's perfect for contemplating the complexities of human consciousness in. It's perfect for lamenting and plotting your revenge against the scientific community that ostracized you for your questionable morals in. Bottom line: it's perfect. As one (1) mad scientist obsessed individual, I can confirm this lab coat is absolutely a new favorite comfort item!!!!!! On a side note, it arrived in 4 days rather than the expected 12, which I could not be happier about! Excellent service, excellent item.... Excellent... Magnificent.... All according to plan....!
Jan 14, 2021
Pocahontas Ar
overall good
overall good construction, but I should have ordered one size up.
Oct 22, 2020
Uncle Neal
Ventura CA
Mad Scientist Howie Lab Coat - White
I bought this for my Halloween costume but it didn't fit. I bought the large & it was too big but the small was too small. The large fit around my bust but everywhere else it was too big. Too bad, that would have been a great costume for work....
Oct 4, 2019
Nikki Longo
Lindenhurst NY
good fit
I ordered a small because the dimensions indicated that was the right size for me. It was long, but that is easily fixed. At that price, I was concerned the fabric might be see-through, but it good quality and workmanship. Could not be happier.
Jun 23, 2019
Reid Minnich
Cincinnati OH
Great Coat, Waist a bit small :(
So this is my second clothing purchase for my husband from Historical Emporium and, just like last time, the materials are heavy duty and solid. This is something you can wear for many years, not just on Halloween. Unfortunately, just like last time, it is a bit snug in the tummy. He has a 54" waist and I got the 3x/4x which should have worked since the size chart says it should fit chest/torso up to 58". It will button, but a few of the buttons directly on the widest part of his tummy are straining and a little uncomfortable. He will still use it, but may leave a few buttons undone for comfort. Lastly, as seems to be usual with Historical Emporium, it was a bit long. I hemmed the arms and bottom hem and it looks great now, but that is something that may need doing unless you are tall.
Apr 12, 2019

Awesome Lab Coat
This coat is made of high quality heavy material, it is comfortable, and, in mad scientist circles, quite stylish!
Nov 28, 2018
Oak Ridge TN
Good product, odd sizing
This is a quality product, but you need more fidelity in your sizing. I ordered the "3X/4X" size, because I was concerned that something labeled "XL/2X" would be too small. I mean an XL and a 2X are quite different is size. The 3X/4X arrived, and it was gigantic. I mean, the thing was a tent. So I returned it and ordered the XL/2X... Too small. That's just silly, frankly.
Oct 10, 2018
Fred Flintstone
Hillsboro Or
Howie Lab Coat size Large
Oct 4, 2018
Tampa Fl
The Perfect Coat For Frankenstein Enthusiasts
Love this coat. I had one a while back from this site, but I accidentally shrunk it trying to wash it, and donated it to a theater show I was in. I just bought a new one, and it's the same high quality as my old one. I don't think I can trust any other supplier. It's durable and made of sturdy fabric. How ever, working in a stuffy haunted house will make you sweat with this thing on.
Sep 28, 2018
Las Vegas NV
On the fence? Its worth it.
I've used this for a couple cosplays. It is expensive, but the quality of the material is worth it. I absolutely love this thing! If you don't mind paying good money for good quality, i recommend this. It went perfect for my Junkenstein (Overwatch) cosplay.
Sep 27, 2018

First off, perceptional internet research exhibits that "The Historical Emporium" carries the most authentic old fashioned apparel products. The Historical Emporium had my "Mad Scientist Howie Lab Coat" shipped the next morning, and almost immediately provided a shipping tracking number. 100% The Lab Coat itself is 99% what I expected. I like that it is long- similar to a trench-coat. However the buttons are NOT made of metal like stated in the item description on the website, and my hypothesis is that the neck collar is NOT "reinforced". My conclusion is that I am 99% satisfied, I would have loved metal buttons and a more reinforced neck collar. I do appreciate the Historical Emporium and will continue to still do business. I also look forward to submitting customer product photos in regard to the monthly contest. Cordially, MaD JaKe
Aug 3, 2018
Mad Jake
Wilkes Barre PA
Looks and feels great, fits well
The sleeves were a little long, but then, I'm 5' 7". It fit perfectly everywhere else, and I just rolled the sleeves up a bit. When I get time I may have them hemmed up a bit. But since I was wearing the elbow-length industrial gauntlets over it, the sleeves weren't a problem. This thing looks terrific - I may have to buy them in other colors, but when you wear the white one everyone immediately knows you're a scientist/doctor (I got it for a steampunk mad scientist costume). It's a fairly heavy material, but it's loose enough for good airflow, and I didn't get overheated in it. It was exactly what I needed and wanted, and my costume was quite popular. Thanks!
Jul 11, 2018
David C. Jr.



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