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Men's Portrait Gallery

Gentlemen in Long Coats

Gentlemen in Long Coats

Secretary of the Interior Usher (left) displays a fine example of a tailcoat and elaborate cravat that was often used for dress occasions. While Secretary of State for the CSA Hunter (right) shows us the frock coat ensemble that was worn by established businessmen during the early 1860's.  His trousers clearly show the high-waist that was favored throughout the mid nineteenth century.  Notice the wide, elaborate cravats that were worn during the early 1860's.  By mid-decade gentlemen were most often seen with narrow string-style cravats. 

To recreate these looks: choose a notch- or a shawl-collar vest. For the latter part of the decade a high cut notch collared vest would be ideal.  The Tombstone and Wing Tip Shirts would reflect the collared white shirts. Finish with a Frock Coat that suits the look.

Secretary of State William Seward

Secretary of State
William Seward

Secretary of State Seward shows the complete outfit for the distinguished Victorian gentleman. His ensemble combines an unmatched coat and trousers. But most interesting in this photo are his fine top hat and walking stick.

Matthew Brady (1861)

Matthew Brady (1861)

Photographer Matthew Brady, clearly a man of style and confidence, shows his working clothes in this portrait taken in 1861 just after Bull Run. His high-waisted work trousers have a subtle stripe similar to several styles we offer. His long duster is a bit unusual for that era but would work well to keep him dry and protected while in the field.

Uncommon Products, Extraordinary Service

Uncommon Products,
Extraordinary Service