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Men's Portrait Gallery

1890s College Chums

College Chums

Clearly good friends, this flamboyant quartet from Yale display the popular fashion of the day. Note the news caps on two of the gentlemen and the high top Derby on the others. All display a high button sack coats with the coat left open to display their waistcoats.

1890s Musical Ensemble

Musical Ensemble

This well tuned ensemble of players look ready for the stage in their finely pressed wool suits. Notice the tight tailoring in the arms and the narrow lapels. The only true note of individuality comes in their choice of shirt collar and neckties. You see not only the popular high stand collar and wing tip collars that have been around for decades, but also the rounded banker collar.

Most wear the four-in-hand tie or "teck tie" which by the mid 90’s was among the most popular choice for neckwear. The gentleman standing at the back left and his friend seated in the front row sport a small bow tie that has the ends tucked in to show only the knot.

1890s Sportsmen


These strapping young men are photographed with sporting equipment of the era and you can see a wide range of clothing. From daily dress wear to the proper athletic attire of the gentlemen in the front row. Note the ubiquitous derby and four-in-hand ties. The third gentleman from the left shows the popular narrow lapel on his jacket and is fully buttoned so that only a small bit of his tie is visible. Others display the more loosely tied Full Windsor knot.

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