1873 Men’s Fashion

We are so used to seeing black and white photographs and drawings from the 1800’s that it is always interesting and just a bit shocking to see how fond the Victorian men were of bright colors and mixed patterns. Here are a few fashion plates from The Gentleman’s Magazine of Fashion.

Burgundy vest with quilted purple lapels, aquamarine tie, and baby blue gloves for a short visit to the office with the boys.

Yes, every boy would love to wear a 3 piece suit with a skirt, leggings and sporran.  Don’t forget the beret.

Green jacket, purple tie and baby blue pocket square…oh, yes.  And the reverse mullet – short hair in back, parted and combed forward to curl near a set of audacious mutton chops.

Vertical collar stripes, fancy gaiters and again with the hair.

A three piece suit and matching Legionnaires to go to the fishing pond.

No Mankini here…just a man purse and tuxedo striped pants for a day at the beach.

Yes, of course the spats must match the smoking jacket…and don’t forget the smoking cap. Can’t afford to let the new waistcoat smell of smoke.

Which of these cutting edge styles you would wear? Let us know in the comments!