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These are a few of our favorites for the month of March.


Lucille Walking Suit, Royal: Was a hit!

I was invited to a party with an ‘Old West” Theme. The site of the party was in a historic home with its own saloon.

My dress was era perfect and a hit with all the guests. I loved the fit and quality of the dress. Found it to be very comfortable and flattering.

Thanks for helping to me to ‘fit’ in and stand out!
[Nanette, Burbank, CA]


Deluxe Safari Bush Jacket – Khaki

The jacket seems to be just what I wanted, as the foundation of an outfit for an explorer/steampunk themed wedding. It’s stylish and practical, lots of pockets and should be easy to wash.

Also not too hot: a problem with warm weather is not having enough pockets, and this should help there.

The colour was fine for me, but is a lot lighter than most people would understand by “Khaki” – so maybe some will be less delighted than I was.
[Justin, Godalming, UK]


Leather Aviator Helmet – Black: Excellent

The Aviator Helmet was great. It fits well and appears to be well manufactured. It got a lot of looks and people wanted to try it on. I will probably be purchasing a second one now that I have seen the quality that it is.

People say you get what you pay for, I think I got more than my money’s worth on this purchase. This is not a cheep helmet like you would purchase in a costume shop.
[Flying Fez – Ace, Roca, NE]


Baxter Knickers – Black: Authentic fit and feel

I have ordered many items from the Historical Emporium and have never been disappointed. The items are always delivered in a timely manner.

I enjoy the fit and authenticity of the Baxter Knickers.They seem a bit big on me, but I hope that is a reflection of me finally losing some much needed weight. A baggy fit actually is the authentic fit.
[Egon, Tucson, AR]


Fontaine Vest – Green: Eye-catching!

The green Fontaine vest is superb! I perform magic and am very busy with St. Patrick’s Day events. So far, at every event I’ve performed at I have received many, many compliments on my vest.

The vest fits well, is very comfortable to perform in, and makes me stand out in a crowd, which is necessary when performing at events where I need to mingle with the crowd to perform.

The price is a bargain!
[Tim Foolery-Magician, CO]

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