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Historical Emporium Reviews & Ratings - Customer Service

At Historical Emporium, we aim to deliver truly excellent customer service.

We use Shopper Approved, an independent customer ratings service, to ensure that we are meeting that promise, and we invite you to browse ALL of our customer reviews to judge for yourself.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Note: the reviews below were collected prior to our joining Shopper Approved in November 2013, and are excluded from the summary statistics above.

Customer Reviews, Week Ending 2009-09-13

Elliot H
VA, United States
Anna S
AA, Germany
I was very satisfied over all, with two exceptions. 1. The buttonholes on the garments I purchased are not bordered very well (I am not sure if this is how it is said in english, I am sorry if it is incomprehensible). 2. I ordered an S size skirt and received an L size, which is of course much to large. Due to work, I did not have the time to return the skirt in time, now I will have to get it altered. With overseas orders, where returns are so time-consuming and expensive (postage and customs) it would be good to douple and triple check that no wrong sizes are sent. I really appreciated the friendly and prompt reply to questions and otherwise good quality and beauty of the garments.
Michele V
Bryan S
TX, United States
Deborah A
NV, United States
Jack B
AK, Switzerland
Rick R
OH, United States
Joseph G
OH, United States
I already have recommended you to others!
Hillary K
CA, United States
Tom R
SC, United States
Erica S
CT, United States
It seemed that nothing could be done in a correct or timely fashion during my buisness with the historical emporium. First, the dress I ordered arrived in the wrong color. It was a special order, so it took extra long. When I called for the return, it tuned out that they did not have the right color for about a month. So, I opted to return the entire order. When I asked how long will the refund take? I was told about two buisness days. Great. I sent back the package... two weeks later I call so... why didn't my refund go through yet?. Aparently, the refund goes into effect two days *after they recive the package.* and rather than make the return lable special, overnight, or rushed. I got my refund *two weeks* after I reported the wrong item. When I finally got my refund, it was incomplete. So I had to call again and ask for the *rest* of my money, plus a shipping refund. I am a professional historical interpreter: This was a huge problem for me. Granted mistakes are made, but the number of mistakes plus the time taken to correct and refund me inhibited my ability to get a correct costume. I suggest that when you do refunds, if you insist on waiting for the package to arive, make the return lable an overnight so not to make your customers wait for *your* mistake. I am also a little dissapointed in product itself. I was looking for victorian period clothing. Your lable boasts *authenticity*, but when the products arrived the lable was froma pioneer clothing company. I foudn said company, and the old west style is *not* victorian. An era of culture and style is a place as well as a time. Victorian implies the influence of queen victoria, not the old west. It so happened that all your women's clothing seemed to be from this company, meaning; *no* victorian costumes to be seen. I feel as though you are misrepresenting your product, which is a big problem for me as an professional interpreter who is concerned highly with the accruacy of my appearence. So between the mistakes, lack of timelyness in correcting your mistakes, and the accuracy of your products... I am unlikely to use or reccomend your services ever again. Thanks. -e

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