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Barnaby Clifton, Intrepid Motorist

With his inbred love for novelty and well endowed trust fund, Mr. Clifton was a natural candidate for owning the first horseless carriage in our county. His infernal contraption garners much notice as it careens through our streets, startling horses and passersby.

Despite the perils of this mode of transport, he can be seen driving in rain or shine. He has developed extraordinary skill in repairing his machine, which is in constant need of service due to his preference for fast locomotion and the rough dirt roads he travels.

Further demonstrating his eccentricity, Mr. Clifton has procured several remote plots of land which he contends will become valuable simply because the unsightly patches of black oil upon them can be converted to fuel for these locomobiles. One can only hope that there are enough other eccentrics who share his love for speed and black smoke to make his property investments worthwhile.

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